If you’re looking for an off ice goalie training plan, you’re in the right spot.

Since we started Goalie Coaches, we’ve worked 1 on 1 with hundreds of goalies playing high level juniors and beyond. This includes goalies currently playing NCAA Division 1 and professional hockey.

We’ve partnered with strength coaches and pros all over the world to create one of the most comprehensive off ice goalie training programs on the market. With that being said, our ELITE program isn’t for every goalie.

We recommend starting with our free goalie workout plan, it’s 10 Days long and was originally created during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

10 Day Off Ice Program (NEW – from LP)


Off Ice Goalie Training Program

The key to any type of training, whether you’re a marathon runner or actually looking for a specific hockey goalie off season training program, is to set something up that doesn’t include over training. Over training?

Over training not only does your muscles and your body zero good, it leads to burnout. The whole point of a workout plan, for goalies, is to put yourself in the best position to succeed next season. You cannot succeed if you’re burnt out from a summers worth of training.