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The Story Behind Goalie Coaches

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The story behind Goalie Coaches is not as crazy as you may think. Actually, the reason we exist today is to simply solve a problem for goalies everywhere. Whether you train with a coach, or you train without one, we’re here to fill the gap. Goalies have a tendency to think about their game around the clock, 24/7. We wanted to help goaltenders by sharing resources that would help them improve their game across the board.

Growing up, I was just like any other goalie. Lived and breathed goalies. Every second, of every day. Before kindergarten, I built my own pads out of cardboard (seriously, there are pictures to prove it).

My family was from a rural area, without access to goalie coaching–much less a team to play on. I started late. If you know anything about the position, that’s a huge problem.

More recently, I found myself brainstorming solutions to my years old problem. For every goaltender with access to brilliant coaches and facilities, there are dozens that go without.

Of those goalies, a minute percentage want it so bad they’ll do anything for their desired result. I’m not talking about the few that say they want it, post a few pictures on Instagram about how they’re working on their game. I’m referring to the Jaromir Jagr ones. Do anything, anywhere, any time, all the time. Those goalies.

I wanted to build a platform that would serve the goalies so committed, so driven, they would consider themselves a DIY goalie. So I started @goaliecoaches. My goal: be a resource for goalies everywhere by sharing tips, techniques, and resources from the brightest minds in goalie coaching.

Living and breathing goaltending hasn’t stopped, it never will.

With all the negativity in the world, I promised @goaliecoaches would never participate, ever.

It is my core belief that as coaches, our real opportunity lies in building quality people.

Humble goalies who are people first, who give back, and remain committed to developing our future. If we influence 100 goalies in our career and only 1 makes it on to play Division 1 or Major Junior hockey, but we’ve taught humility and respect, not only will the other 99 carry that with them the rest of their lives.. so will our 1 star athlete.

Finally, and most importantly: When I’m 60, selfishly, I want goalies / goalie coaches to look back and say, “you know what, that Goalie Coaches guy really did have a real impact on goalie coaching today”.

The most successful people in the world genuinely want everybody around them to be successful–and that’s what I want. If you’re a new goalie coach, I hope you build your business on the back of Goalie Coaches. If you’re a coach that knows 100X more than anybody involved with Goalie Coaches, I hope we can bring you value. The team at Goalie Coaches isn’t going to work with every goalie in the world–and we don’t want to. We want to leave a positive impression on every single coach/parent/goalie/athlete we interact with, understanding that if we do that we’re in a pretty decent place.

The @goaliecoaches “G”

Goaltender. The first place any goaltender looks when he/she is scanning a starting roster at a hockey game. The “G” in our logo stands for you, The Goaltender. In blank space, you’ll notice the “C” inside our logo. The “C”, is the coach. Often hidden behind the scenes, yet an integral part of the goaltender’s success.

The Crease. Our logo breaks near the top, forming a crease with the upper half of our “G” logo. It’s the office. The place every goalie loves to be. Everything we do leads back to one thing, building more success in the crease.

Improvement. Any time is the right time to work on your game. The Goalie Coaches “G” leans towards the right, always moving forward. The right half of The Crease in the top of our logo ends in an arrow, always pushing the Goaltender forward. When we develop a new tool for training goalies, we build it with one thing in mind–improving the Goaltender.

Innovation. As goaltenders, we can never afford to become stale. The green in the Goalie Coaches brand represents a constantly changing landscape, always innovating and improving.

Get Involved

There are a million ways to get involved with @goaliecoaches.

If you’re on Instagram, shoot us a DM. If you’d like to shoot a drill for our email list, email tyler at goaliecoaches.com. Mask painter? Get listed under our mask painters page. If you’ve got a setup you’d like to do a review on, send us an Instagram DM.

We just want to give back. So if you’re about that as well, let’s get in touch.

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