Pekka Rinne’s Goalie Helmet for the 2018 2019 Season

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Pekka Rinne is one of the most polarizing goaltenders on the planet, not named Henrik Lundqvist. Rinne did, after all, win the Vezina Trophy during the 2017 / 2018 NHL season. Pekka has been a stalwart for the Nashville Predators since entering the league with them and he’s looking to carry the torch again this season.

The real question, though, is Pekka Rinne’s Goalie Helmet bigger than he is when it comes to notoriety? 

Pekka Rinne’s Goalie Helmet for the 2018 Season

While Rinne wears CCM gear, he wears a Bauer 961 goalie mask. Rinne has his masks painted by DaveART, a famous goalie mask painter (the official Bauer Goalie Mask painter for the NHL) for some time now.

Here’s an up close look at the goalie helmet Pekka Rinne will wear during this season.


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 DaveART posted this video, up close and personal, of the detail hidden within Rinne’s mask.

DaveART named Rinne’s mask for this season “The IronPred”. The mask is an ironman theme, with a Predators twist.

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