Pro or Senior for Goalie Gear?

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What’s the difference in pro vs. senior when it comes to goalie pads?

To be short, price, and that’s about it.

There are many review websites out there who will tell you to buy Pro level gear whenever you can, and in certain instances, that may be the case. However, as a whole, there isn’t major differences in the actual quality of gear at the Pro and Senior levels.

Look at it this way.

You can buy a Ford vehicle with the Titanium trim package, or you can buy a Ford vehicle with the SEL trim package. Is there actually any real differences? Not really. Yes, there are upgrades here and there, but for years, the SEL package was the top trim package offered on most vehicles. Once Ford realized that folks are willing to spend more, just for the sake of spending more.. the Titanium package was born. Full disclosure, I recently bought a vehicle with the Titanium package. So, I too, fell for it.

Back to the gear.

Pro level gear is going to cost you more out of pocket than Senior level gear.

Do I think it’s worth it to spend double the money for the “Pro” sticker on new goalie gear? Nope.

If you’ve got unlimited money, yes. Case in point, the Bauer 3S vs UltraSonic line. Despite what you’re being told, there are not major differences that justify spending 2X on Pro level gear just for the sake of it saying “Pro”.


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