Sense Arena Goalie Drills

The Sense Arena VR Goalie training tool burst onto the goalie training scene over the past year. Of course, we only thought it fitting that we built a page featuring some of our favorite Sense Arnea Goalie Drills. 

As we collect more drills, we’ll continually update the content you see on this page. 

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One of the first things goalies with a Sense Arena ask as they get set up, is, “what types of drills can I do with this?”.

The Sense Arena is a revolutionary training tool for goalies that enables them to bring the device into their living rooms, home sheet of ice, or wherever they’re training. Here, we’re going to highlight some of the basic Sense Arena Goalie Drills to get you started in your training. 

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Sense Arena Warm Up Drill

Sense Arena Screen Shot Drill

Ghost Screen Warmup Drill

High Finish Glove Save