Best Hockey Slide Boards

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Buying a hockey slide board can add an interesting dimension to your off ice training. In fact, if you’re like the rest of the world, buying synthetic ice may not be the best option for you. Maybe it’s budget, maybe it’s space. A slide board can help solve all of that.

I think it’s important to cover all hockey slide boards in this article, because goalies can use boards built specific to them as well as slide boards for players.

Later on in this article, we’re going to give you instructions on how to make your own slide board, so keep reading until the end!

How to make a homemade slide board

Slideboards are only as good as the sliding material you put on your pads. You’re going to need to get pad covers, no matter which way you build your slide board. If you’re not a goalie and just want to use a slide board for off ice training, you’ll need a specific type of booty to put over your shoes.

Can you use a slide board without shoes?

You absolutely can use one with just your socks, but we do not recommend it. We recommend shoes to protect the sides of your feet against the stoppers on the outside of your slide board.