Spencer Martin’s New Bauer 2S Colorado Avalanche Set

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It seems like just yesterday that Spencer Martin dropped a new set using Bauer’s digital printing tech.

Actually, it was a month ago (roughly), when he posted the all black Bauer 2S set that we’ve linked up below, but in goalie gear time that’s almost nothing.

Here’s his latest creation for the time he’ll spend with the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche.

The newest, thanks again to @daveart and @bauergoalie ? @m2foto

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And for those curious, here’s the set we mentioned above.

One of the best parts about Spencer Martin’s taste in goalie gear? He always matches his helmet to his gear.

A lot of times in the NHL, you’ll see goalies who have no apparent taste for gear. As a pro, of course you’re worried about important things like.. winning, for example. But from the fans perspective, if you’re going to this extent with gear, can you at least match your helmet?

Martin does exactly that with his latest creation from Dave Art.

We’ll leave you with this.

It should would be nice to be a pro goalie who wears all Bauer gear.

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