Spencer Martin’s San Antonio Rampage Bauer 2S Pads

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In what’s sure to be one of the quickest growing trends related to goalie pads, another goalie dropped photos of their digitally printed Bauer pads today.

Spencer Martin, of the San Antonio Rampage will wear these all black Bauer 2S pads.

The pads themselves feature a spur, the Rampage logo, and his number. A Bauer mask painted by Dave Art complements the entire setup.

And a few more photos of Martin’s gear in game play.

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Martin has one of the more unique styles in goalie gear (at the ECHL, AHL, NHL level) and this is something he has displayed over the years.

His pencil sketch helmet was and is one of my personal favorites (of all time).

And during one of his first years as a pro, Martin padwrapped his XLT set. As mentioned, he does have incredible style, hopefully he continues it at the NHL level.