How To Start A Goalie Coaching Business

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How To Start A Goalie Coaching Business

So you want to start a goalie coaching business?

You’re in the right place. If there’s one thing we know how to do, if there’s one thing we can shout from the rooftops.. it’s starting (and growing) your goalie coaching business. 

And, I’m not talking about just halfway “starting your business”. 

Anybody can start a coaching company.

I’m talking about hitting serious revenue milestones. Talking about making money that makes you thrilled to step out on the ice. 

If you’re that type of coach, you might be better off just reading this article. The lower level stuff. 

Now. If this is NOT who you are.. 

If you can put your ego aside. If you want to learn how to add monthly recurring revenue streams to your current coaching business. Or, if you just want a way to get clients without having to constantly post on Instagram.. 

Apply to work with us. 

Here’s how you start a hockey coaching company

First off, there are literally zero requirements to starting a hockey / goalie coaching business.

Goalie Coaches exists for two very specific reasons. 

  • Impact #1 – to help goalies get access to training resources they need. 
  • Impact #2 – to help goalie coaches massively grow their coaching business. We get that we’re not the only coaches in the world, so we try to impact more goalies by helping coaches build plans and programs that scale with their business. 

If you’ve played goalie at a high level, have studied the game for years yourself, or trained with other high level goalie coaches it may be time to start your own goalie coaching business.

In this article, we’re going to go through some of the things you’ll need to consider prior to starting a goalie coaching business (like, branding and building a website, getting clients, and social media).

We’ll also go over other revenue streams for your coaching business as well as ways to grow your business for the future.


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Here’s how you start a coaching business

  1. Brand yourself
  2. Find ways to market yourself
  3. Get clients
  4. Fulfill client orders


If you’re a coach who owns a business.. highly recommend you check that list of resources up. You could take the 

Put your ego aside and get the list. There’s literally no other way for me to send you the list 24/7 than if I email it. And I don’t spam you after, either. 

Honestly.. I just want you to grow your business. 

Ok. Moving on. 

Some people read this far, already have a business, but refuse to admit it’s not where they want it to be and assume there’s some secret nugget below. Quick hint, there’s not. And that list isn’t gonna give it to you either.. but it’ll start. 

Brand yourself

Branding is important, if you make it be important. Technically, it’s an excuse a lot of people use to stop themselves from actually having to do something with their big idea, so I say spend less time on it. 

You can build a $200k+ a year coaching business on your first / last name. The best brand in the world isn’t going to stop you 

My official advice on branding: just pick something and go with it. If you really have that many issues later (and I’ve yet to see this..) you can change it down the road.

Your brand name can be your first name + last name goaltending, or some fancy name you made up. 

As far as logo creation goes.. I recommend just whipping something up on Canva until you get your first few clients and can afford a better logo. Your logo isn’t making or breaking whether or not you’re getting clients, for the record. 

I paid to have the Goalie Coaches logo created in 2015, and haven’t considered changing it once. Does nothing for me. People know who I am, they know what I stand for. 

Find ways to market yourself

Honestly, until you’re at $10k a month, I do not recommend spending money on paid ads. The reason for this is, if you knew how to run paid ads effectively, you probably wouldn’t be reading this for advice. 

That’s not meant to be harsh or offensive in any way, it’s just a waste of time when trying to land your first clients. 

To get your first goalie client, drive down to the local rink. Talk to the rink manager. Figure out what teams practice there. Then, go there for a practice or two. Do they have a goalie coach on the ice? If not, tell them you’re starting your goalie training business. 

Tell them you’ll skate for free to start, demonstrate your value.. and find a way to get them to pay you from there. 

Tyler! I don’t work for free. 

Neither do I, sir / maam, neither do I. But right now.. you do not have the luxury of leverage (something I can teach you down the road..), so your hands are tied. You wanted to know how to get your first client, I just told you. 

Quit using all this other stuff as an excuse to stop you from going out and actually taking action on your dreams.

Get clients 

Want the resources list I used to build GC? (FREE) 

Most Coaches are shocked to see the back side of @goaliecoaches. They assume it’s an Instagram account. Technically, we’re competitors. Technically, I don’t care. I just believe in impacting more goalies – and if I can help you.. I will. 👇👇
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