Best Street Hockey Goalie Pads

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So, you’re interested in finding the best street hockey goalie pads?

Welcome. We’re Goalie Coaches. Unapologetically, we are one of the most trusted companies in hockey goalie training. We’ve trained goalies at every level of play, including the National Hockey League. When it comes to overall knowledge of the position of goaltending and everything that comes with it, we’d like to think we are well versed on the subject.

We care about one thing and one thing only, introducing our passion for the position of goaltending to everybody that shows an interest. So, if you son or daughter is interested in getting between the pipes on the street, we’re interested in encouraging that.

And then, hopefully, when the season comes around, we can get them on the ice and mold them into the goaltender they dream of becoming.

So, let’s jump into this.

The main issue with finding a top quality set of street hockey gear is, you’re spending money on a pad that you’re going to destroy. Long ago, we grew up on the streets using beat up goalie pads as our street hockey gear to stop tennis balls slapped around by friends. 

Today, street hockey has changed. Many of the world’s top goalie gear manufacturers make specific lines just for street hockey. With that being said, however, many of these companies make what we call “roller gear”.

Here are the best street hockey goalie pads this year.

  • Bauer Street Hockey Goalie Pads

Best Street Hockey Goalie Gear 

Street hockey goalie gear, specifically, is built to be low budget in nature. The entire setup shouldn’t cost you more than $250, and if it is, it’s probably too nice to be using on an asphalt street.

Let’s jump into our gear.

Bauer Street Hockey Goalie Pads

Built by Bauer, one of the top goalie gear manufacturers in the world, these street hockey goalie pads have an awesome design.

Does design make the gear worth the investment? Well, when it comes to true street hockey gear, it absolutely does.

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CCM Fleury Street Hockey Pads

These things are the ticket. The design of the gear models that of their “real” line, like the CCM E-Flex 4.

Price wise, they’re cheaper than the Bauer by about twenty bucks, which is a sweet bonus.

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Bauer 2 Street Hockey Goalie Pads

Looking for a different color option for street hockey pads? These Bauer are a black based design built specifically for youth and junior sizes, which is a nice bonus.

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Is there a difference between roller hockey goalie pads and street hockey goalie pads?

The difference is, for roller hockey, regular goalie pads are modified using a specific sliding strip to make the gear slide better during roller hockey play. Street hockey goalie gear is lower quality and much more affordable.

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