Vaughn SLR 2 Goalie Gear Review + Everything We Know

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For the 2019 season, Vaughn is releasing a new line they’re calling the Vaughn SLR 2. The SLR 2 line comes after the Vaughn VE8 release, last season. The VE8 line from Vaughn drew quite a bit of press, so it’ll be interesting to see if the SLR 2 does the same.

Vaughn has traditionally been behind the curve when it comes to new, innovative directions with their goalie gear. With the new SLR 2 line, they’re making major advancements in their sliding technology, rotation systems, as well as the strapping they use in their gear.

It’s said that the strapping in the new SLR 2 goalie gear will model that of Matt Murray, a Vaughn goalie for the Pittsburg Penguins.

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What do the Vaughn SLR 2 goalie pads look like? 

The new pads feature Vaughns new “quick sliding technology”, which is essentially a different material used on the inner sliding area of the pads, the “gusset”.

Vaughn SLR 2 Goalie Pad Review 

For now, the SLR 2 has not yet been released. You can purchase the latest Vaughn goalie equipment at Pure Goalie. Or better yet, customize them at GoalieMonkey!

The pads feature Vaughns reactive rotation technology, as well as velcro strapping, something we’ve only saw grow in recent years from the majority of pad manufacturers.

Vaughn SLR 2 Glove Review

Vaughn does a great job of getting video footage out immediately after the launch of their gear.

Vaughn SLR 2 Blocker Review

Everybody says, a blockers a blocker. is the SLR 2 really just a blocker?

Vaughn SLR 2 Chest Protector Review 

Talking about the new SLR 2 chest and arm protection unit. For the money, I seriously think that Vaughn C/A’s are at the top of the list. That or Passau.

Here’s a video of the new Vaughn SLR 2 pads from our friends at Goalie Gear Nerd.