What Will The Utah NHL Team Be Named?

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It’s official. The NHL board of governors voted to move the Arizona Coyotes to Utah immediately, with the team set to begin play in Salt Lake City at the start of the 2024-2025 season.

The Utah-somethings will not be the only show in town, either. The Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL (two steps below the NHL) are also based out of Salt Lake. It’s unfortunate, too, as the Utah Grizzlies would be an unbelievable name for the NHL’s latest team re-location. Undoubtedly, discussions will be had with the Grizzlies to sell the franchise and the brand. The NHL’s presence in the same town as an ECHL team is likely to put a significant hit on the bottom line of the Grizzlies.

Currently, Utah’s NHL team does not have a name and owners Ashley and Ryan Smith of Smith Entertainment Group, who also own the NBA’s Utah Jazz, have only confirmed that the team would wear “Utah” on their jerseys for the upcoming season.

For NHL fans, the past 5 years have been a whirlwind of brand new brands at the games highest level. Prior to the announcement that Las Vegas was awarded an expansion franchise on June 16th, 2016, it had been well over a decade since the NHL expanded. The Winnipeg Jets, formerly the Atlanta Thrashers, changed locations during this time, but they were not an expansion team.

Like the Jets, who existed, didn’t exist, and became a team by way of re-location, the Utah NHL team is also not an expansion team. The Arizona Coyotes, all of their players, and a large portion of their staff will relocate to Utah.

NHL Expansion teams and Relocations in the past 30 years

  • 2000: Minnesota Wild
  • 2000: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • 2011: Atlanta Thrashers re-located to Winnipeg, now known as the Winnipeg Jets
  • 2017: Vegas Golden Knights


Will the Arizona Coyotes exist in the future?

Provided that former owner Alex Merulo can build a state of the art NHL facility somewhere in Arizona, it is very likely we will see the Arizona Coyotes back in action by way of an expansion team. Merulo was awarded the rights to an expansion team as a part of the relocation to Utah, but is unable to sell or transfer these rights and must construct an NHL worthy facility within 5 years.

What will Utah name their hockey team? For starters, according to unconfirmed reports, Utah ownership has hired Doubleday and Cartwright to assist in the branding process.

Possible Team Names for the Utah NHL Team

Like every NHL fan, we’ve been scouring the internet for possible team names for the NHL’s latest location. Below are some of the top possible team names for Utah’s NHL team. Some of these Utah team names are original ideas, many of them are not. For simplicities sake, we’ve broken them out to include team names that start with Utah as well as those that would start with Salt Lake.

Before we begin, let’s talk about a few things that are unique to Utah.

Utah is known as the Beehive state, so name possibilities for the latest NHL team surrounding bees will certainly be explored. Utah has a number of famous National Parks, so there are opportunities to capture something there. The winter time skiing is world class in Utah, which opens a world of possibilities.

Beyond the lists, we’ve included additional explanations of why or why not certain names will likely surface to the top of the list, as well as a detail of what goes into naming a professional sports team.

Reports indicate the team name will include Utah

According to TSN’s Pierre Lebrun, the only thing that has been decided is that the team name will include Utah.

While it may make naming a little trickier, it makes sense.

A critical argument for starting with Utah is the size of the Salt Lake City market. Of course, it is the largest city in Utah. But with a population of roughly 200,000, it pales in comparison to the population of the state. An argument can be made for expanding the team’s reach by naming it “Utah”.

Recent Trademark Filings Indicate Potential Team Names for Utah’s NHL Team

Below is a list of 5 team names that were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 16th, 2024. These Trademarks were filed by Dorsey & Whitney, LLP which appears to be representing Uyte, LLC.


On April 18th, the same firm filed trademarks on behalf of Uyte, LLC for the additional name “Yetis”.


It’s worth reporting that on July 11th, 2023 an application was also filed for the Utah Yetis, from a completely different firm.

Will the Utah NHL team still be named the Coyotes?

As part of the sale agreement, Arizona owner Alex Meruso retains the rights to the brand, logos, and assets of the formerly Arizona Coyotes. While the team may opt to utilize similar colors, it is extremely unlikely that they will play under the Coyotes moniker. The Coyotes were the only NHL team to use Maroon in their color scheme, it is also unlikely that the Utah NHL team will utilize Maroon in their color scheme.

It’s kind of a shame, really, as the Utah Yotes does have a certain ring to it, and Coyotes are rampant in the State of Utah.

These are some of the top team names if Utah is included in the team name. 

  • Utah Venom
  • Utah Fury
  • Utah HC
  • Utah Blizzard
  • Utah Hockey Club
  • Utah Yeti
  • Utah Venom
  • Utah Grizzlies
  • Utah Golden Eagles
  • Utah Yotes
  • Utah Coyotes
  • Utah Stampede
  • Utah Pioneers
  • Utah Utes
  • Utah Uytes
  • Utah Thrill
  • Utah Rough Riders
  • Utah Eagles
  • Utah Ravens
  • Utah Raptors
  • Utah Prowl
  • Utah Cougars
  • Utah Rattlers
  • Utah Freeze
  • Utah Hockey Club
  • Utah Ramblers
  • Utah Wolves

Will Utah Name Their NHL Team After A Mountain?

Unknown to many, the Colorado Rockies were an NHL team before the name was used as the name of the states Major League Baseball team. The Colorado Rockies was the name of the New Jersey Devils prior to their relocation to East Rutherford in 1982.

Utah Uytes

We know one thing for certain, the team name will not be the Utah Utes, the moniker of the states most well known University. How about the Utah Uytes? It is the name of the LLC that owns the 5 known trademark applications listed above.

Utah Blizzard

Every article I read on the subject suggests that the Utah hockey team will be named after a snowstorm. They mention that fact that the Utah Jazz being owned by the same group would play on the “zz”. In names that were filed with the US Patent and Trademark office earlier this week, the Utah Blizzard was included. A key difference was that the Blizzard nick name was the only one not filed by the same group.

“Blizzard Snowbound Once Again”

There are way to many article headlines that become instant memes which should stop the team from considering Blizzard, Freeze, or anything remotely similar.

I can just see it now, after a 9 game losing streak, throwing away their hopes for the last remaining wild card position: “Freeze Show No Signs Of Thawing”.

Utah Venom

Earlier this week, the Utah Venom team name surfaced after it had been reported that the name was filed with the US Patent and Trademark office for trademarks.

The Utah Golden Eagles

The Salt Lake Golden Eagles was the name of a previous professional hockey team based out of Utah. Although the team disbanded in 1994, according to reports the team was wildly popular, so this one will assuredly be considered.

Though it would pay homage to the Salt Lake Golden Eagles, it’s unlikely that the team chooses to use “Golden” in the name, due to the recent addition of the Vegas Golden Knights.

So, what about dropping the “Golden”? Or adding “Screamin”? While the Utah Screamin Eagles has a certain ring to it, there is the Cape Brenton Screamin Eagles of the QMJHL, a Canadian CHL Team.

The Utah Eagles

There are just two NHL teams that are named after a bird, the Anaheim Ducks and the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s easy to imagine the possibilities of a team named after the national bird of the United States, but unlikely that Utah opts for this name. While the Washington Capitals use an eagle in their logo, there has only been one former NHL team named after an Eagle.

The St. Louis Eagles played one season nearly 100 years ago, after moving from Ottawa. The Eagles, however, folded due to financial problems, so maybe it’s not the best omen. On the flip side, when they suspended play in 1935, America was in the midst of the Great Depression.

The reason they wouldn’t choose to name their team the Utah Eagles? The Colorado Eagles of the AHL are just 7 and a half hours away in Loveland, Colorado.

If the team wants to create an instant rivalry, which the league assuredly does, they should just name themselves the Utah Yeti, swipe the classic “Sasquatch” foot from the older shoulder of the Colorado Avalanche and call it a day.

Utah Yeti

Of every name that has surfaced, the Utah Yeti seems to offer the best of all worlds. It’s short, fierce, and brandable to the point where it will garner serious attention as a possible name for the team. After all, when it comes to picking a profesional sports team name, there are considerations decades into the future.

There are no team names in all of professional sports that utilize something close to a Yeti. When I think of the Utah Yeti, I think of this video announcing the Seattle Kraken. It’s mysterious, it’s unique to the area, it would be easy

Or, they could name their team after a couple of pillars on a bridge to their city. The Utah Traffic Cones, I can see it now.

Reasons why Utah shouldn’t name their team the Yeti?

Ever heard of a Yeti Cooler? They’d like to have a word with you. While a professional sports team holds far more weight than the Yeti Cooler brand, there are unique marketing capabilities here.

Utah Prowl

While the Utah Cougars sounds menacing, it seems a little too meme-able to be an NHL hockey team name. Using a name like the “Prowl” would allow the team to speak to the large population of mountain lions in the mountains of the area, without directly naming themselves after a cat.

The Florida Panthers of the NHL are named after a cat, albeit a pretty big one.

If the team were to select the Prowl as their name, they would be the only NHL team named after an action.

Utah Rattlers

The Utah Rattlers would be the first NHL team named after a snake. They would join the Arizona Diamondbacks as the 2nd major professional sports franchise named after a snake and given how NHL Utah got here.. it seems a little too soon.

It would be excellent content, however.

With that being said, I feel strongly that the team will not choose a snake, or some type of Sea Monster that lives in the depths of the Great Salt Lake as the Seattle Kraken did that just two short years ago.

Utah Ramblers

The nick name Rambler has a very Western connotation and would associate well with a team pulling it’s fan base from Utah and surrounding states, particularly Western Montana and Wyoming.

Utah Wolves

The Utah Wolves would make sense, although the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA have an identical name. The Utah Wolves trademark is owned by the WC Renegades as was filed several years ago.

I’m sure for the right price, they’d sell in a heartbeat!

If the team name starts with Salt Lake City

It’s unlikely that the team opts to include the entirety of Salt Lake City in it’s name. Not only would it be the only NHL team with a 4 word team name, it’s a bit of a mouthful and dropping the “City” opens up a world of possibilities for naming the new team.

If the team chooses to utilize Salt Lake in the name, it will be the 12th NHL team with a 3 word name. The 11 other NHL teams with a three word name include the Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Blues, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Columbus Blue Jackets, New Jersey Devils, Vegas Golden Knights, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  • Salt Lake Swarm
  • Salt Lake Squatch
  • Salt Lake Soar
  • Salt Lake Scorpions
  • Salt Lake Serpents
  • Sale Lake Hive
  • Salt Lake Stallions
  • Salt Lake Hive
  • Salt Lake Sting
  • Salt Lake Skates
  • Salt Lake Freeze
  • Salt Lake Blizzard
  • Salt Lake Steel
  • Sale Lake Steam
  • Salt Lake Rustlers
  • Salt Lake Regal
  • Salt Lake Screaming Eagles
  • Salt Lake Scream
  • Salt Lake Storm
  • Salt Lake Peaks
  • Salt Lake Scouts
  • Salt Lake Spurs
  • Salt Lake Stag
  • Salt Lake Slopes
  • Salt Lake Blades
  • Salt Lake Tropics


Let’s dive into some of the reasons why these names are more likely, or not, than others.

Salt Lake Squatch

While I haven’t noticed the Squatch, or Salt Lake Sasquatch, being mentioned too many places, I am not the first person to think of this.

The Squatch has a very hockey feeling to it, though it does not feel like the name of a professional sports franchise. The Squatch rolls right off the tongue, but it does seem like a team created in a video game.

Salt Lake Spurs

While there is an NBA franchise with the Spurs team name, there are a number of professional sports teams that share the same name, in different sports.

  • New York Rangers (NHL) / Texas Rangers (MLB)
  • Carolina Panthers (NFL) / Florida Panthers (NHL)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (MLB) / Arizona Cardinals (NFL)
  • San Francisco Giants (MLB) / New York Giants (NFL)
  • Los Angeles Kings (NHL) / Sacramento Kings (NBA)
  • Winnipeg Jets (NHL) / New York Jets (NFL)


While Utah isn’t as widely recognized as a Cowboy state like Wyoming or Montana is, the “Spurs” name flows and simple enough to be considered for a professional sports franchise.

Salt Lake Stag

If the team opted to use the name Stag, it would become the only NHL team named after a deer. The Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA have the closest name to the Stag and the Iowa Heartlanders of the ECHL also utilize a deer in their logo.

The Stag has been one of the more popular suggested team names for Utah.

Salt Lake Blades

The Salt Lake Blades is one of my personal favorites on this list. Can you imagine bringing back a logo similar to the Vancouver Canucks throwback black and yellow logo? It’s simple, relatable, and a hockey name through and through.

The only problem? The Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League, which is part of the Canadian Hockey League. In my opinion, it’s too close, though a professional sports team would pull rank over a team from Saskatoon.

It would also likely be to much of an insult towards Saskatoon, as they’ve been a location mentioned whenever folks talk about expanding the NHL in Canada.

Salt Lake Tropics

While it would provide excellent marketing fodder for the team, and despite the fact that tropical wind may have formed the Great Salt Lake, it isn’t happening.

Just imagine, for a second, though. Life’s a beach, visit Salt Lake during the dead of winter! The Salt Lake Tropics, presented by Sun Country Airlines, playing in Delta Arena.

Salt Lake Screaming Eagles

If Utah chose to go with the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, they’d be the only major pro sports team with a 4 word name. In the MiLB, there are a number of teams that utilize four words; the Sugar Land Space Cowboys and the Rocket City Trash Pandas are two of the top.

Eagles is far more likely than the Screaming Eagles, however. On top of that, I see the team opting for “Soar” or “Regal” which really do not seem like an NHL team, especially given the most recent comparisons like the Golden Knights and Kraken.

What Colors Will Utah’s NHL Team Be?

Given the area, it seems likely that Utah will choose a natural themed color, perhaps green, of some sort? A strong colored orange would pair well with it, but it feels like we may be getting a little too close for comfort given the logo of the team they just came from.