2018 Olympics Hockey Goalie Gear

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With the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang upon us, it’s time for another edition of the goalie gear tracker.

This year’s Winter Olympics are a bit different, as there will be no NHL players (Ovechkin initially planned on it, but later pulled out). We’ve got a number of goalies that the average fan may not have even heard of, simply because they’re playing in other leagues throughout the world.

Without further adu, let’s get started.

Our 2018 Winter Olympics Goalie Gear Tracker

We will continue to update this post with new gear as it’s spotted or released. The opening ceremony for the Olympics is Friday, February 9th, so expect updates soon.

The goalie gear will be posted in no particular order, other than when we discover it.

Viktor Fasth, Team Sweden Men’s

Fast will wear Bauer 1S gear with a DaveArt paintjob. Loving this look, cannot wait to see the full set. Something about Sweden’s colors really excites me about Bauer’s Digital Printing capabilities. They did this at the World Juniors as well.

Fasth’s paint job is spectacular. DaveArt traditionally paints masks that are far out in design, yet Fasth’s mask for the games is traditional in it’s scheme.

And Fasth’s gear, shared by our favorite goalie gear account on Instagram.

Ann-Renee Desbiens, Team Canada Women’s

Desbiens shared a gallery of images on Instagram. The Canada Lady netminders will wear a variety of gear for the games including CCM E-Flex, Warrior, and Bauer Vapor 1X.

Desbiens’ mask was painted by Sylabrush.

Ryan Zapolski, Team USA Men’s

Ryan Zapolski will wear Brian’s OPTIK for the Winter Games. Originally, I was less than impressed with the close sock graphic on the pads, however Zapolski wears something similar in season so we’ll let it slide this time. The pads as a whole, look amazing, it’s just that with the Stars and Stripes, I feel he could’ve done more (see, Dylan St. Cyr’s setup below for comparison. St. Cyr is not a part of these Olympics.)

Here is St. Cyr’s setup. He is not playing in the 2018 games, these are “for future Team USA events” according to Brian’s.

Zapolski’s mask was painted by Dave Art.

A post shared by David Gunnarsson (@daveart) on


Alex Rigsby, Team USA Women’s

Rigsby’s mask for the 2018 Olympics. Not my favorite paint job in this year’s games, still a phenomenal piece of artwork. I absolutely love the images on the left side of her mask. If you look closely, on the chin area of the mask you’ll see the Statue of Liberty in a postage stamp. The IOC debates whether or not her and fellow goalie Nicole Hensley will be allowed to wear their masks at the Olympic Games.

A post shared by Alex Rigsby (@arigs33) on


Rigsby will wear Vaughn gear at the Olympics.

Maddie Rooney, Team USA Women’s

Rooney’s mask, painted by Miska Masks, is pictured below.

David Leggio, Team USA Men’s

Leggio’s mask, painted by Head Strong Grafx, features paint technology that changes with the temperature. So, while his mask starts off in a mostly metallic silver appearance, it takes on color further in.

Here’s what it looks like to start.

A post shared by David Leggio (@dleggio33) on

And once the mask gets cold.

A post shared by David Leggio (@dleggio33) on

Here’s his gear.

A post shared by David Leggio (@dleggio33) on

Brandon Maxwell, Team USA Men’s 

While Bauer dominated at the 2017/2018 World Junior Tournament, it’s safe to say Brian’s is giving them a run for their money at the 2018 Olympic Games.

Maxwell will wear a beautiful set of @goaliesonly gear.

His helmet, painted by Head Strong Grafx, ties in perfectly to the stars theme on his pads. As a fan of gear, when goalies match the paint job of their helmet to their gear, it’s the final touch.

And another image.

Noora Raty, Team Finland Women’s

Noora has always been a big supporter of our Snapchat account, showing off various pieces of her Team Finland gear.

This is the first Team Finland paintjob we’ve seen so far.


A post shared by Noora Raty (@nooraty41) on


The mask was painted by the painter @teesip.

And her Brian’s OPTIK pads.

Brian’s did not pay the licensing fee for the Olympic games, so all Brian’s B-Star logos will be covered up.

Nicole Hensley, Team USA Women’s

One of the best parts about the gear goalies will wear for the Olympic Games, the mask paint jobs. From what we can tell, most of the masks were painted by each goalies individual mask artist.

Henley’s mask was painted by Sylabrush.


A post shared by Nicole Hensley (@nichens29) on


It matches the Brian’s gear she’s been wearing to a “T”.


A post shared by Nicole Hensley (@nichens29) on


It does not appear that Hensley will change gear for the Olympic Games.

Kevin Poulin, Team Canada Men’s

What else, other than Brian’s gear? Brian’s has the chip lead early in these games.

Poulin, a veteran of the Goalie Coaches Snapchat, has multiple masks for the games.

First, a mask painted by Dielairbrush.

Second, a Daveart production.

Which is your favorite?

Magnus Hellberg, Team Sweden Men’s 


Meeri Raisanen, Team Finland Women’s

Raisanen will wear Warrior R/GT gear for the games, the same gear she wears during the regular season.

One thing to note, Warrior did pay the licensing fee for the games so all logos will be displayed.

We have not yet noticed a close up of her mask.

Mikko Koskinen, Team Finland Men’s

Koskinen had his mask painted by Dave Art.

A post shared by David Gunnarsson (@daveart) on

Ben Scrivens, Team Canada Men’s

Scrivens opts to stay with Vaughn gear for the Olympics. He wears Vaughn during the regular season (KHL), so this is no surprise.

Photo shared by @goaliegearnerd on Instagram