Brian’s GNETIK IV / 4 Goalie Gear Review + Everything We Know

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August 10th, 2018 – Brian’s Goalie announces their latest line, the Brian’s GNETIK IV or GNETIK 4.

In an Instagram post earlier today, Brian’s @goaliesonly announced that the line to follow their OPTIK gear from last season will be the GNETIK IV. The IV, or GNETIK 4 line will succeed the OPTIKs, and end the SubZero line of pads.

Can I purchase GNETIK IV gear yet? Nope, but you can still buy OPTIKs. More on this below.


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The fact that Brian’s goes back to the GNETIK line after the OPTIK makes sense, as many of the major goalie pad manufacturing companies switch between each line to give the other a chance to sell.

Many pros debut the latest gear during the NHL season, with it becoming available to the public the following spring. Brian’s, on the other hand, offers their gear for purchase during the season (the same season it’s debuted in).

Brian’s also released photos of their new NHL Spec Chest Protector for 2018 / 2019.

What do the new Brian’s GNETIK IV Pads Look Like?

Last week, Brian’s dropped the graphic on the latest line, the GNETIK IV’s. In a move that follows CCMs footsteps (the graphic moves onto the outer pad roll), the GNETIK IV’s have quite a few different color options.

Here’s another photo of their latest gear.

At this point, we do not have a ton of information regarding specs of the latest gear, however we will update this article once we know more.

Brian’s GNETIK IV 4 Goalie Pad Review

The Brian’s GNETIK IV line of gear hasn’t officially been released to the public, but there are prototypes of the gear in action.

We cannot confirm whether or not Tyler Parsons is wearing the GNETIK 4 gear in the video below, but the gear isn’t OPTIK.. draw your own conclusions.


Up until Brian’s officially releases their new GNETIK IV line, the general public can only buy OPTIK gear.