Brian’s GNETikV Goalie Pads Review + Everything We Know

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It’s official, Brian’s GnetikV Goalie Pads (Brian’s Gnetik 5 Goalie Pads) will be the next drop from the legendary gear manufacturer also known as Goalie’s Only. The Brian’s GNETik line has featured GNETik, GNETik 2, GNETik 3, GNETik 4 and now, GNETik 5, or GNETikV.

We’ll continually update this page with updates from Brian’s on the new GNETik V (also known as the Brian’s Gnetik 5 pads) goalie pad lineup as soon as they’re released to the public.

The GNETikV will be the latest goalie pad offered from Brian’s, who also recently released the Brian’s OPTIKx2. We’ll have a full deep dive into both lines of equipment posted as soon as we get our hands on each set. The OPTIKx2 is a value line that’s a step down from the Brian’s OPTIK 2.

Brians GNETikV Goalie Pads Review

Clearly, the expectations have never been higher for Brian’s to release a dominant goalie pad. The last major gear release from the company was the Brian’s OPTIK2 and with more competition than ever, especially considering the splash Lefevre / True made in the goalie gear space over the past year, they’ve got to hit the nail on the head with this line.

Brian’s is known for being one of the top custom goalie pad manufacturers in the world, with highly detailed graphics on custom pads dating back to the early 2000’s. In a way, they’ve set their own bar high.

What does the graphic for the Brian’s GNETikV goalie pad look like?

While the graphic won’t be released for a few weeks, we do know the track record Brian’s has. They make one of the most aggressive and visually appealing goalie pad graphics on the market. Here’s the sneak peak we’ve got so far.


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