CCM E Flex 5 Goalie Pads Review + Everything We Know

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CCM is ahead of the curve. The new CCM E Flex 5 goalie pads were announced today by CCM and they look amazing. This line features the knee break section we’ve become accustomed to seeing with the E Flex line from CCM of years past, but with an added twist on the graphic. They’re now capable of printing digitally on the face of the pad, like Bauer has been doing for some time with their 2S, 2X and now UltraSonic lines.

The CCM E Flex 5 line follows the CCM Axis that were announced early in 2020, and

What does this mean for the CCM Premier line? 

Although not confirmed from CCM, it means that the CCM Premier line of pads is all but non existent. We can assume that the CCM Axis will take the place of the CCM Premier II gear that was announced now over two years ago.

The E Flex 5 line is not surprising. CCM E Flex has been one of the most popular gear lineups offered by CCM since it was originally announced more than half a decade ago. With Bauer originally debuting the Bauer Supreme series and ultimately going on to offer digital printing options as well, CCM quickly trended towards a similar style of gear. The CCM Axis and the E Flex 5 will play similar to a Bauer Supreme (1S / 2S) pad, and less like the original E Flex series that was announced years ago.

CCM E Flex 5 Goalie Pads Review


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