CCM Extreme Flex 4 vs CCM Axis Pro: Goalie Stick Comparison

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When it comes to producing high-quality hockey gear that is specially designed to fit the needs of elite level players, few brands are capable of matching the progress that CCM has made over the last decade.

The Canada Cycle & Motor Company was founded more than a century ago, but the company’s engineers and design experts have made significant leaps in the last few years in ways that make the CCM products stand out—head and shoulders—above the rest of its competitors.

Two CCM goalie sticks have garnered high praise from nearly everyone in the hockey industry, including those who play at a professional, NHL level, as well as amateurs who are just getting into the sport.

The CCM E-Flex 4 and CCM Axis Stick are some of the most highly-rated products of their kind in the hockey industry and players from all skill levels are beginning to opt for these two CCM sticks over their competitors brands in great numbers.

In this article, we’ll compare the CCM E-Flex 4 vs CCM Axis Sticks in order to gain a better overall understanding of the many exciting features that come with each one, as well as how these new features are able to benefit goalies in a number of ways.

CCM Extreme Flex 4 Goalie Stick vs Axis Pro Goalie Stick

The CCM E-Flex 4 was released in 2019 along with some of the brand’s other new products that are designed to provide competitors at the highest level with just the right features and capabilities.

This stick in particular is made with specialized composite material that makes it exceptionally lightweight and yet, more durable than CCM’s previous models that are available at the same price rate.

The CCM E-Flex 4 Goalie Stick is made to give players that same, classic wooden feel in their hands as it is made with a good amount of vibration dampening technology and balance as most of the top wooden sticks are made to be.

This stick is typically priced well below the rate of the CCM Axis, but it still offers quite a bit of the same or very similar features.

One of the most popular elite-level goalie sticks available on the market today is undeniably the CCM Axis.

This stick was made by CCM’s engineers and design experts to fulfil all the needs and wants of professional hockey goalies who require the absolute best quality products and characteristics in their sticks.

Released in 2020, the CCM Axis Goalie Stick has firmly established itself as one of the top products in a crowded field of competitors that are aimed at professional or high-level competitors.

The stick is made with a special blend of material that’s known as High-Performance Carbon Layering Technology.

This carbon fiber layering is designed in such a way that each new layer, as it is applied to the stick, works to strengthen the shaft and paddle area without adding significant weight to the stick overall.

CCM E-Flex 4 Most Prominent Features

In addition to the High-Performance Carbon Layering Technology offered by CCM in its Axis Goalie Stick, the product also features other notable capabilities as well that should get the attention of any hockey player—most importantly, the attention of goalies.

The stick is made with ZeroFlux technology which makes it feel incredibly lightweight in the hands of a goalie, but without sacrificing much in the way of durability and strength.

This is a combination that’s very hard to replicate for other competing brands, but CCM has managed to blend its new carbon fiber material in this product in such a way as to make it stronger than most of the other sticks in the company’s current lineup.

CCM E Flex 4 Goalie Stick

Last year's model of goalie stick from CCM. It's comfortable and lightweight, but does have issues with breaking in the blade.

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CCM Axis Goalie Stick Most Prominent Features

This stick is one of the brand’s most popular options when it comes to high-level goalie sticks that are designed to hold up against the most intense, fast-paced, and extreme hockey matches of any skill level.

As most goalies know all too well, it is crucial that they have the most lightweight stick possible in many cases to allow them to optimize their quickness and instinctual  reflexes and use them to block shots and disrupt opponents’ efforts to score.

CCM’s Axis Goalie Stick is also crafted with Sigmatex technology, which is combined with Spread Tow Technology to create an exceptionally strong material that won’t easily crack, chip, or break under extremely heavy weights or facing the most intense battles on the ice.

The CCM Axis Goalie Stick also offers players with Peel-Ply Technology that manages to give players a better feel for the puck—much like the same way wood material goalie sticks are capable of doing—yet without any significant weight increase.

While this stick is priced at a higher level than the CCM E-Flex 4 Goalie Stick, it is still one of the most affordably-priced options in the hockey industry that is aimed at the highest levels of the sport.

CCM Axis Pro Goalie Stick

CCM's Axis Pro stick is their best composite stick to date. It features new and improved Nanolite Layering Technology which has increased durability in both the shaft and blade, while lowering the overall weight.

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Final Verdict of CCM E-Flex 4 vs CCM Axis

Comparing these two sticks reveals much about the manner with which CCM has worked to design specialized goalie sticks that are crafted to the highest standards.

Both of these stick models were made after CCM engineers and design experts, as well as others from the company, were teamed up with NHL professional hockey players in an effort to glean as much information regarding the needs and wants of high-level talent.

The CCM E-Flex 4 is made to give players the same type of feel and balance they might have with a high-quality wooden stick, yet it’s made to be more lightweight and durable than wood.

This stick is an excellent option for players who want to have a high level of sensitivity for the puck and utilize their sticks in any way possible to get a save.

The CCM Axis is undoubtedly one of the best goalie sticks on the market for the upcoming season. This model is made to allow goalies to optimize their quickness and reflexes to stop shots and essentially be a brick wall when it comes to the scoring efforts of the opposing team.

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