CCM Axis Pro Goalie Stick Review

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CCM has been working for years to perfect their design of a premium-level goalie stick that provides users with optimal balance while also achieving the same type of performance the brand’s products are known for.

The company’s Axis Pro Goalie Stick is part of the brand’s new lineup of solid, high-performance gear that makes up the Axis lineup.

The CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick is one that offers players an extremely lightweight feel while still giving them better overall durability than some of the previous models that have been produced by CCM over the last few years.

The brand utilizes a new type of carbon fiber technology to achieve this improved level of toughness and performance that the Axis is quickly gaining a reputation for.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways that CCM has worked to create this product and why so many goalies are now looking toward the CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick as one of the premier goalie sticks currently on the market for the upcoming season.

CCM Axis Pro Goalie Stick Review

This stick is designed by the engineers and experts at CCM to allow players of all skill levels defend the crease with added quickness and mobility.

The CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick is a stick that’s worthy of being compared to some of the other premium models on the market for this season as it features a number of high-end improvements over the previous versions.

CCM uses some of the latest, cutting-edge nanolite carbon layer technology to achieve a new level of lightweight action, as well as better overall performance in this model.

Thanks to the high-performance carbon layering system that CCM has developed, this stick has exceptional levels of strength and durability that were previously thought to be impossible with a product that weighs only a fraction of what other models do.

Everything about this stick, from the grip to the paddle and blade are made to the same high standards that CCM products are known for and the CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick is an ideal choice for top-level goalies who are looking for a product that will increase their level of play on the ice.

Here are some of the newest features that make this product stand out among the rest.

Shaft and Grip Material

Any goalie knows that it is exceptionally important to have a stick that they can wield with ease and one that doesn’t feel overly awkward or unbalanced in their hands.

A stick that just doesn’t feel right or won’t allow you to make quick, decisive movements will hamper your overall performance on the ice and lead to poor ability to guard against opposing shots.

The CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick’s shaft is made from a specialized new carbon material that is woven together in a way that greatly increases the durability of this stick while equaling out the overall balance in a way that lets players control their stick to a greater degree.

CCM has crafted this new stick with what it has dubbed as the Silver Spread Tow Technology which is made to give the stick a much better overall balance and feel in the hands of the player.

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Silver Spread Tow Technology

Part of what gives the CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick such incredible balance and weight disbursement is the brand’s Silver Spread Tow Technology.

This new, cutting-edge technology is made possible thanks to a specially interwoven carbon material that strengthens the stick’s paddle and other parts with every added layer during the manufacturing process.

The paddle also utilizes what the brand calls Zeroflux Technology to cut down on the type of negative energy transfer throughout the stick such as vibration and shock when a player slaps the puck or stops a pass or shot with their stick.

Having a newly-developed carbon material that is capable of absorbing the shock from these impacts goes a long way in allowing goalies to maintain an intense focus on the game and staying vigilant between the posts.

The Silver Spread Tow Technology is quite unlike any other type of technology currently being used by other competitors products as this material is made to give the stick an overall sense of balance that CCM has never been able to achieve before.

The Axis Blade Construction

One of the most important parts of any goalie stick is the blade. Players will utilize this in any way possible to block passes and shots, as well as help get their body in a needed position to make a save when the chips are down and it’s all up to the goalie to stop the other team from scoring.

The CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick is made with an exceptionally strong blade compared to other models that are currently available in the hockey industry.

This is the portion in which the new nanolite carbon fiber material truly earns its keep as the blade of the CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick provides outstanding strength without increasing the overall weight of the stick as a whole.

Thanks to the super lightweight feel of the stick and its ability to hold up against anything thrown at it on the ice, players will be able to guard the goal and control the puck like never before.

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CCM is always one to go far and beyond what is expected in every aspect of their products and the company has worked to create a sharp, professional-looking design with the CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick that any level of player will appreciate.

The stick also comes in a variety of lengths, colors, and blade patterns that allow you to fully customize your goalie stick just the way you want it.

CCM Axis Pro Goalie Stick

CCM's Axis Pro stick is their best composite stick to date. It features new and improved Nanolite Layering Technology which has increased durability in both the shaft and blade, while lowering the overall weight.

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Final Verdict

It’s hard to argue that the CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick is not one of the best goalie sticks on the market for the upcoming season. Thanks to the new technology that CCM has incorporated into this stick’s design, players of all levels can use it to their advantage and help gain an edge over their opponent.