CCM Extreme Flex 4 vs CCM Axis Pro: Goalie Stick Comparison

When it comes to producing high-quality hockey gear that is specially designed to fit the needs of elite level players, few brands are capable of matching the progress that CCM has made over the last decade. The Canada Cycle & Motor Company was founded more than a century ago, but the company’s engineers and design […]

CCM Extreme Flex 4 Goalie Stick Review

Finding a stick that is an ideal combination of responsiveness and lightweight feel matched with the rigidity of wooden material isn’t always easy. Thankfully, some of the top brands in the hockey industry are now working to produce sticks that very closely mimic the feel and balance of a wooden stick while being made completely […]

Warrior Ritual V1 Pro Goalie Stick Review

Warrior released its Ritual V1 Series sticks in 2019 and the lineup quickly garnered attention from a wide range of hockey players and enthusiasts from all skill levels. The brand is known for producing some of the highest quality hockey products in the industry and the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro Goalie Stick easily clocks in […]

CCM Axis Pro Goalie Stick Review

CCM has been working for years to perfect their design of a premium-level goalie stick that provides users with optimal balance while also achieving the same type of performance the brand’s products are known for. The company’s Axis Pro Goalie Stick is part of the brand’s new lineup of solid, high-performance gear that makes up […]

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Stick Review

Bauer has been at or near the top of the hockey industry for many years thanks to their hard work and dedication to making products that players have come to rely on. The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Stick is another example of the brand’s pursuit of crafting sticks and other gear and equipment items that […]

True AX9 Goalie Stick Review

The True AX9 Goalie Stick is easily one of the most popular products on the market for 2021. This stick is crafted according to the True Hockey brand’s high standards and is made to be a tool that goalies can rely on when it comes to strength, durability, and balance. The True A Series sticks […]

Warrior M1 Pro+ Goalie Stick Review

There’s no denying that Warrior is among the top brands when it comes to premium-quality goalie sticks. The Warrior M1 Pro + Goalie Stick is one of the newest products from the company and offers a number of unique characteristics that make this one of the top choices for goalies of all skill levels to […]

Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates Review

The Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates are designed specially for players who love the game, but might not be ready to invest a sizable amount of money into their equipment just yet. That certainly doesn’t mean the Supreme 3S Goalie Skates are poor quality. These skates are an impressive combination of high-performance materials and supreme […]

CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skates Review

CCM is among the best of the best brands when it comes to producing high-end, quality-made hockey skates that are designed for optimal performance. Such is the case with the CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate which is praised for being some of the best-made goalie skates from CCM in many years. The CCM JetSpeed FT2 […]

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates Review

The latest designs from Bauer are focused on giving players a serious edge over the competition by making skates that are lighter and offer even better support than previous models up until now. The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates are truly a one-of-a-kind product as they are crafted in a way that allows goalies […]

Bauer UltraSonic Goalie Skates Review

It’s no secret that goalies rely heavily on the ability to utilize their natural, cat-like reflexes and split-second decision-making skills to serve as the last line of defense against their opponent on the ice. As the opposing team approaches in a structured formation, setting up for a series of passes that ultimately lead to a […]

Lefevre L.4.1 Goalie Pads Review

Welcome to my review of the Lefevre L.4.1 goalie pads. Lefevre (if you do not know) recently has parted ways with CCM.  In the past few years, they were manufacturing goalie pads+ gloves + blockers and putting a CCM logo on top. Before that however, they originally started in 1967. So they’ve been around the […]

All of Lefevre Goalie Pads Reviewed

As you probably have heard, Lefevre has “released” four new pairs of goalie pads this year. Technically speaking, these pads aren’t all designed and created new for 2020, but we’re just seeing these specific pads with the Lefevre logo out in front. I’m going to review each of pair of pads, and let you know […]

True Lefevre L20.1 Goalie Pads

Editors Note: the latest iteration of True Lefevre goalie pads is the recently debuted True L20.2 pads.  In September of 2020, True Hockey announced that True Goalie Gear would be Powered by Lefevre. So, to clarify your reading here, the Lefevre goalie pads are actually the True L20.1 Goalie Pads. The Lefevre L20.1 goalie pads […]

Juuse Saros Complete Goalie Gear Guide

Juuse Saros is currently one of the two starting goalies for the Nashville Predators. During the 2020 the play-ins, Saros was wearing the newest lineup of goalie gear we’ve seen out of CCM, the Axis Pro’s. This is the goalie gear that Juuse Saros is wearing right now.   CCM Axis Pro Leg Pads CCM Axis […]

Elvis Merzlikins: Complete Gear Guide And Career

Elvis Merzlikins burst into the NHL during the 2020 hockey season. After Bobrovsky left the Bluejackets, the main concern was the goaltending situation.  Well as it turns out, Merzlikins and Korpisalo in place of Bob may have actually turned out better than anyone could have ever imagined.  Bobrovsky had a sub par year for the […]

Brian’s Optik 2 Goalie Chest Protector Review

Welcome to my review of the Brian’s Optik 2 goalie chest protector. While many goalies spend a lot of time considering which pair of goalie pads to go with, don’t sleep on the importance of a high quality chest protector. The Brian’s Optik 2 chest protector is a quality option for any goalie, especially if […]

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Chest Protector Review

Welcome to my review of the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic chest protector. This chest protector was featured in our article of the “best goalie chest protectors” and for some good reasons. Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Chest Protector Review To start it off, this chest protector is one of the most advanced you can get in 2020. […]

Warrior G5 Pro+ Chest Protector Review

Welcome to my review of the Warrior Ritual G5 Pro+ Chest Protector. Along with the Ritual Pro, this is the newest goalie chest protector we’ve seen out of Warrior in 2020. There are a lot of features that we really liked in this protector, but the biggest it had to offer was the confidence boost. […]

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon Chest Protector Review

Welcome to our review of the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon chest protector. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again.  Playing goalie with a poor quality chest protector hurts.  Pucks hit the chest and leave bruises for days.  Pucks bounce off the elbow and leave you wincing in pain.  You’ll probably start flinching at […]

Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Chest Protector Review

Welcome to our review of the Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Chest Protector. As we all know, chest and arm protectors are sort of an important piece of equipment to be wearing.  They can be the difference maker between pure confidence and flinching in the net.  You are at a huge disadvantage when you […]

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Pads In Depth Review

Today, we’re taking an in depth review of the Bauer Supreme UltraSonic goalie pads. While as of the Spring of 2021, there’s a new kid on the block from Bauer (welcome, Bauer Vapor HyperLite), the Bauer UltraSonic goalie pads will remain popular through the remainder of this year. While the brand took heat for a […]

Best Goalie Blockers For 2024

The hockey goalie blocker might be one of the most underrated pieces of equipment that a goalie will wear.  A high percentage of shots will bounce off the blocker and you don’t want something that doesn’t give you the biggest advantage as possible. And what do I mean by that?  Well for example, comfort. Hockey […]