The History of Hockey Goalie Gear

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In this article, we’re talking about the history of goalie gear. We have a separate section of our website dedicated specifically to goalie equipment reviews. We’ll cover things like the history of goalie gear, how goalie gear was manufactured previously (vs how it’s manufactured now), equipment brands, and more.

If it has something to do with hockey goalie gear, this article covers it.

How hockey goalie equipment has changed since it was first invented

How Innovation Has Changed Goalie Gear Over The Years

Since the dawn of time when it comes to the sport of hockey, goalies have existed. At some point in your life, you’ve probably caught yourself wondering about the history of goalie gear. In this deep dive, we’re going to take a look at the history of goalie gear. We’ll look at companies who have manufactured gear (some of which are no longer with us), styles of gear, trends in the industry, and much more.

And for those of you who ended up here looking for gear reviews, check the page we’ve linked. We do our best to organize our content in a way that makes sense to our readers.

These are the different categories of goalie equipment a hockey goalie wears.

The History of Goalie Pads

The evolution of goalie pads has been one of the most dramatic of all the equipment goalies wear. From newspapers wrapped on the goalies leg, to the advanced, digitally printed pads goalies wear today, we’re going to take you down one of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment in the position.

From sizing goalie equipment, to the materials used when making goalie pads, just about everything with this critical piece of gear has changed since it was first invented, if you will.

When Did Goalies Start Wearing Pads?

What Did Goalie Pads First Look Like?

A Timeline Of Innovation in Goalie Pads

The History of Goalie Masks

Long past are the days of goalies playing without masks. In today’s game, a goalie playing without a helmet would be a death sentence. But goalies wearing a goalie mask wasn’t always the case. The history of goalie masks is well documented, with Jaques Plante being one of the pioneers of the goalie mask era.

When Did Goalies Start Wearing Masks?

Put something about goalies first wearing masks in whatever decade they were popular.

What Did Goalie Masks First Look Like?

Some of the first goalie masks were actually made of leather, a far cry from the carbon fiber goalie masks we see worn today.

Goalie masks were first built of leather. Very shortly thereafter, masks were built of plastic, and eventually, the two-piece goalie mask became popular. During this time frame, goalies started to transition to a one-piece “profile” style goalie mask.

A Timeline Of Innovation in Goalie Masks

Leather Goalie Mask

Gerry Cheevers Iconic Plastic “Stitched” Face Shield

Dominik Hasek Wears A Cooper Two Part Goalie Helmet

Chris Osgood Wears a Two Piece Goalie Mask for Most of His Career

Modern Day Goalies Wear One Piece, Profile Goalie Masks

The History of Goalie Skates

Goalie skates have benefited heavily from innovation. Today’s goalie skates are built

When Did Goalies Start Wearing Goalie Skates?

What Did Goalie Skates First Look Like?

A Timeline Of Innovation in Goalie Skates

Goalies First Wear The Same Style Skates as Players

The Two Piece Goalie Skate is Invented Featuring A “Cowling” for Extra Protection

VH Hockey Develops What Would Ultimately Become the True One Piece Goalie Skate

Other Major Manufacturers, like CCM and Bauer, Soon Follow With One Piece Skates

The History of Goalie Sticks 

When Did Goalies Start Using Goalie Sticks?

What Did Goalie Sticks First Look Like?

A Timeline Of Innovation in Goalie Sticks