Goalie Toe Ties

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Shockingly, one of the best innovations we’ve seen in goalie pads over the past 5 years has been in the toe ties.

Yes, goalie pad toe ties.

Previously, goalies used skate lace to attach their pads to the toe of their skates. However, with more and more attention on hip injuries in goalies

What are the best hockey goalie toe ties?

First things first, there are a lot of one off companies that make toe ties due to their relatively low time and monetary investment. If you’re not going to make toe ties yourself, buy them from either Goalie Monkey or Pure Goalie.

Why, though?

Because you’ll get your product when you actually need it. Without mentioning specific company names, around 2018 and 2019, there was a smaller equipment manufacturer that sort of.. “messed things up” for the rest of small companies trying to make gear, especially things like toe ties.

So, just pick them up from either GM or PG. Well worth the peace of mind that you’ll get your product on time.

CCM Toe Ties

These are the most common type of goalie pad toe tie you’ll find today. They’ve got a stretch lace, with a few pieces of velcro attached to Jen-pro at the end of the tie. They strap up in less than a second and typically do not come undone the entire time you’re on the ice.

These are the single best style of goalie pad toe strap for any goalie at any level, yet, many continue to buck the trend. Honestly, knock it off. Try them, if you hate them, contact us and we’ll make it right for you. You, specifically your hips, will love you.

Do the stretchy elastic toe straps break easily? We’ve worked with goalies at pretty much every level of play, including the NHL (who use these), and honestly, these things actually last for quite some time. That is, unless, you take a skate blade to the skate the first time you get on the ice.

Buy CCM Toe Ties at Goalie Monkey

Buy Pro Laces at Pure Goalie 

Bauer Stretch Lace 

Bauer Stretch Lace is the easiest form of toe ties. It doesn’t include the velcro straps, you simply tie the tops above your skates and start playing.

Buy Bauer Stretch Lace at Goalie Monkey

Buy Bauer Stretch Lace at Pure Goalie

How to make toe ties for goalies

Ok. The fun part.

If you’re reading this far, you’re like me. You think you can do everything better than the guys doing it for a living. Ok, ok, ok. I hear you.

If you’re looking to make these things yourself, you need some 3/8″ stretch shock cord from Amazon, some velcro, something to attach the velcro to (in a perfect world, Jen-pro), and the capability to sew velcro to your jen-pro.

There’s really no step by step needed as you simply sew the Jen-pro to the velcro and poke a tiny hole in it (to attach your shock cord).

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