Bauer Vapor 2X Goalie Gear Review: Everything We Know

It’s official, we’ve now had a chance to look at the very first set of Bauer Vapor 2X goalie gear. Earlier this summer Jacob Markstrom had debuted a very peculiar looking set of Bauer 2S pads and it had many wondering if this was the new Vapor 2X line.

As it turns out, Markstroms pads were very similar to what appears to be the new Bauer Vapor 2X gear.

When can the public purchase Bauer Vapor 2X Gear? 

The short answer is, not yet. Right now, the latest line available to the general public from Bauer is the Bauer 2S line.

The earliest the public will be able to aqquire the latest 2X gear would be the Spring of 2019, unless a person has direct access to a team. Most goalies stick with Vapor or Supreme, so even though the Vapor line will be out this winter, don’t expect to see many goalies switching from 2S to Vapor.

Too early for a Bauer Vapor 2X gear sighting?

First off, it’s never too early for a confirmed sighting. If you’re itching for a peek at the new Vapor 2X chest protector, look no further. The pads, on the other hand, are wide open.

Andrei Vasilevskiy posted the below photo on Instagram, tagging Bauer and mentioning that he “had a great day with @bauergoalie”.

Based on Vasilevskiy’s comments alone, we can assume that he was shooting promotional footage prior to the 2018/19 NHL season.

Is this the Bauer Vapor 2X Gear?

While Bauer has not officially commented on whether or not the set Vasilevskiy is wearing is in fact the Bauer Vapor 2X line, many online believe it is.

We’re of the camp that believes this is the latest line from Bauer, one that’s expected to make a large splash after the success of their 1S / 2S lines.

Our friend @goaliegearnerd confirmed that this is in fact the 2X line in an Instagram repost.

Bauer Vapor 2X Goalie Gear Specs 

Right now, there are very little know specs on the Vapor line. Once we’ve got more information that has been verified, or when we have a set in our hands, we’ll update this article.