Help! How Do I Fix Ripped Goalie Pads?

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With the technology behind goalie pads edging closer and closer to actual thin air lightweight-ness (looking at you, Bauer HyperLite, Bauer UltraSonic). In this guide, we’re going to be addressing a real concern amongst goalie pad owners. Fixing them when they rip.

With the cost of goalie gear approaching the $2,000 mark, the thought of a skate cutting your goalie pads can be enough to keep one up at night.

For the parents reading this, have no fear. Your kids ripped goalie pads are not the end of the world, they’re very fixable. In fact, it happens more than you think. Nearly every single pair of goalie pads I’ve ever owned (owned a bunch, we train like 700 goalies give or take every year.. we see some gear) has developed a skate rip at some point.

Depending on how severe the rip actually is, here’s how you fix a goalie pad rip. 

  1. Goalie pad wrap
  2. Dental floss
  3. Super glue
  4. Duct Tape (only if you’re on a shoe string budget)

How to fix a goalie pad rip

Depending on how bad it is, and whether or not it actually affects the structural integrity of the pads, your pads are most likely repairable. To this date, I haven’t saw a pair of pads that couldn’t be repaired!

Here’s what you’ll need. Goalie pad wrap, dental floss, and some sort of super glue. Duct tape is probably your last resort, as it actually gets quite sticky (and pad wrap is far superior).

We’ve got to assess the tear. If you’re working with a tear on the front of your pads, we recommend using padwrap to repair it.

If the tear or rip is more serious and on the back of the pad, bust out the dental floss and super glue. We’re going to stitch it back together as best we can, and glue the dental floss so that it doesn’t fall out easily.