Bauer Supreme Ultra Sonic Pads In Depth Review: New For 2020

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Bauer has recently released their newest line of goalies pads, the Bauer Supreme Ultra Sonics.  At first glance, this is in my opinion, the cleanest design of goalie pad that Bauer has dropped in recent years.   They feature a really cool graphic, giving them a modern look.  

Here’s what we did and didn’t like about the Bauer Supreme Ultra Sonic Leg Pads


  • Very lightweight
  • Improved durability compared to previous pads
  • Stiffer knee pad with a better seal on the ice 
  • Rebounds have a lot of pop 
  • Elastic toe tie 
  • Customizable graphic
  • Stiff pad in general


  • Price 


Bauer UltraSonic Pad Review 

First things first.  These pads are very lightweight.  Bauer is known for creating lightweight pairs of pads and the previous three lineups of pads have proven that.   The Supreme Ultra Sonics are no different in terms of weight (maybe a tad bit lighter).

These pads are very similar to other top of the line Bauer pads.  But an upgrade (duh).  They mix in a combination of both the 2S Pros and the 2X Pros.  They still feature the very popular Curv Composite board internally with the CORTech Skin on the outside.

The CORTech Skin on the Ultra Sonics are a combination of  intertwined Polyethylene foam, Curv Composite additives, lycra-spandex, polyurethane.  Bauer has tremendously increased the durability of the CORTech Skin since its introduction in the 1S lineup a couple years ago.

The difference in the Ultra Sonics compared to previous pads is the durability of the CORTech Skin.  It’s far more durable now than it used to be.  Which is good because the biggest problem that the 2S Pro pads is the poor durability.  There should be no problem in these pads, although only time will tell.  It’s only been a couple months since the release.

The strapping on the Ultra Sonic pads are very similar to the Vapor 2X Pros.  It features only three straps that take a matter of seconds to put on.  I’m super excited for this strapping system to come back again.  I loved it in the 2X’s.  They’re so easy to put on.

Bauer is also bringing back the elastic toe tie, which reduces wear and tear on the hips, knees and ankles.  We highly recommend the use of elastic toe ties, regardless if you are wearing the Ultra Sonics or not.

New Features

New for 2020, Bauer has implemented a new thin design at the top of the pad, near the thigh.  What it does is reduces the surface area of the pad and allows for a better seal to prevent rips and tears.   They’ve essentially made the pads more durable and resistant for when your pads rub together.

The Supreme Ultra Sonic pads also feature major upgrade in the knee pad area.  This is probably the most hyped aspect of these pillows.  They’ve taken the standard three piece knee block and turned it into a single knee block.   What it did was create a stiffer knee block that transfers energy better than before.

Thus improving the sliding ability and seal of the Ultra Sonic pads.   Not only that, but it also improved the stability of the pads while in the butterfly.  So with these pads you get a better RVH, VH, butterflies and movement in general.

So yes, this is a large upgrade compared to previous Bauer pads.

Sliding Abilities

The Ultra Sonic pads slide like butter.  They’re super smooth and quick.  This can be credited to the lightweight Curv Composite board, CORTech Skin and the new upgraded knee block.  These are the best sliding Bauer pads that we’ve seen to date.

With the improved stability, sliding is also a bit more comfortable.  The pads have a stronger base and there’s no feeling of falling forward.  These are an impressive pair of goalie pads.


The new graphic on the Bauer Ultra Sonic pads are amazing.  They are a combination of previous Supreme pads with a new modern touch.  I personally think that they are the best looking pair of Bauer pads to this date.

But, if you don’t like the graphic yourself.  Because Bauer uses CORTech Skin, these can be fully customizable with a digital graphic.  So you can literally put any design you would like on your pads…

Rebound Control

A couple years ago, the Bauer Supreme 1S Pro pads were insanely popular for their ability to kick pucks very far out.  The Ultra Sonic pads are the same exact way.  Pucks go flying off of them.  They are a stiffer pair of pads though, so if you aren’t into that, these might not be the best for you.  These have a true single break.  But, if you do decide to go with these pads, you will find that pucks fly a mile off of these.  And quickly too.

Bauer did implement a 125 degree boot angle that allows for better flexibility right out of the box, however.  They’re still a stiffer pair of pads overall, just easier to get adjusted to.

Going back to the rebound control, I personally think that it’s better to have a pair of goalie pads that have some pop.  Some might say that the best pair of goalie pads are the ones that drop rebounds dead.  I disagree, regardless of the league that you are in, you aren’t going to find a pair of pads that just hit your pads and stop.  With a soft pair of pads, rebounds are more than likely to bounce a couple feet off the pad and be put in the back of the net by a crashing opponent.  

Get the rebounds out of the crease and to the blue line.  Reduce the chance of getting buried on.


The biggest downfall of these pads is the price.  It’s a pretty standard price for a new set of goalie pads in 2020, but that doesn’t make it any cheaper.  Bottom line although, you are going to be getting what you pay for!  


Conclusion: Bauer Supreme Ultra Sonics 

At the end of the day, the Bauer UltraSonics are some of the most technologically advanced goalie pads on the market.  They are extremely lightweight and have some of the best rebound pop you can buy in a pair of pads.  The price is a bit steep, but no different from other top goalie pads at the elite level.  Not only are that, but these pads these are the most durable pads we’ve seen Bauer produce.  

These are some of the best pads that you can get for 2020. 

I hope this helped and thanks for reading!

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