Marc Andre Fleury Pads

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Marc Andre Fleury has been one of the top goaltenders in the NHL for some time. He’s one of my personal favorites to watch, so it’s no doubt that fans everywhere want more intel on the gear he’s wearing.

We will update this article every time Marc Andre Fleury switches gear, so check back as soon as he debuts a new line. Right now, he’s in CCM gear and has been since they swapped CCM to Reebok.


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Our golden guy

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What pads does Marc Andre Fleury wear?

If you’re anything like I was, the gear or equipment that NHL goalies wore was a huge part of my initial interest in the position. Fleury has been one of the leagues best gear nerd examples in recent years, as he’s always wearing some of the most eye catching equipment out there.

Here is the equipment used by Marc Andre Fleury.

We’ve also listed every other NHL goalie’s gear, find your favorite goalie below and check out their stuff.

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