Latest CCM Premier 2 Gear Review + Release: Everything We Know

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CCM Premier 2 Goalie Gear Release: Live Blog

As expected, the CCM Premier II (Premier 2) line of goalie gear is slowly being released this fall. We do have a full set of photos and are waiting on the folks over at CCM to confirm that we might post them here, however, until then we’ll post the latest photos we find over on social media.

One of the first posts was Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers (see, below). I would expect to see photos of Corey Crawford’s 2017 gear as well as that of Marc Andre Fleury’s Vegas Golden Knights Gear (he wore the Premier line while with Pittsburg as well) sometime this week or next.

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CCM Premier II Review

The CCM Premier II (Premier 2) gear is right up there in regards to innovation. Despite Bauer’s best efforts, CCM continues to dominate at just about every level of the game, and for good reason.

One of the things we’re trying to do a bit differently here is feature other reviews on our website, not just our own. The video embedded below is from a gear shop in Canada, going over the latest gear CCM has to offer.

The CCM Premier II customizer is currently live.

The following video is from our friends at Pure Goalie, talking through the specs of the CCM Premier 2 pad off the ice.

August 9th

Ryland Pashovitz, goaltender for the Arizona State University Sun Devils, posted the photo below of his new CCM Premier 2 pads.

At this point, it’s one of my favorite color schemes on the pads, but to be fair, there haven’t been a ton of photos posted. I believe that this is one of those designs (referring to the Premier 2 line in general) where less will be more. It’s going to be pretty easy to go completely overboard with a color scheme on these pads.

August 7th

Over the weekend, Goalie Gear Nerd shared a few photos of the strapping system on the new CCM Premier 2 gear. The account noted that “it appears there will be 3 main straps”. In even just the past 3 and a half years, strapping on goalie pads has changed dramatically. Once standard in the industry, leather leg straps are now a custom option on most gear.

Companies like CCM, in an effort to offer gear that weighs less, opt for elastic and velcro strapping options as seen in this post. With that same thing being said, however, many pros will use their gear specs from previous years. See the next photo below.

Let’s Talk Tendy gear shared this photo, the backside of Luongo, Crawford, and Fleury over the weekend.

Each of these three goalies wear the Premier line of CCM gear, so it would be safe to say they’re wearing demo premier 2 gear, or their actual sets for the season.

I would lean in the direction that this is, in fact, the gear all three goalies will wear during the year as this was an official CCM photo shoot.

Unless Fleury has a design similar to Luongo (see photo below) on his gear, it appears he is rocking a mostly white setup this season. Or at least to start. Seeing as Fleury’s mask is dark based, I wish his gear were as well.

As you can see, Crawford is clearly going with a dark setup to match his 2017 mask.

August 3rd: Roberto Luongo leaks his new CCM pads 

One thing I thought was interesting here is the lack of Panthers red in the gear. The set features gold / navy and matches his helmet (see photo further below) perfectly, but not so much the Panthers red jerseys.

With that same thing being said, I believe this set will match the Panthers white jerseys quite well, maybe we’ll be treated to several sets of gear as Corey Crawford has done in years past?

A quick notice point is also the binding on the blocker. This was something we saw on the P4 (when it was branded as Reebok) but not on the XLT or Premier (one) line of gear.

At first glance, the pads seem to be very similar to the first line of CCM Premier pads. In fact, the CCM / Reebok Premier series hasn’t changed much since the P4 set of pads was released.

Here is Roberto Luongo’s mask for the 2017 season. Matches perfectly with his new gear, however lacks any subtle bits of red.

Really hoping for a several setup campaign from Strombone.

June 5th: Pads Tracker posts the CCM Premier 2 template

In a Twitter post (embedded below), Pads Tracker dropped their template of the CCM Premier 2 gear.

As far as timing goes, this is about a month before everybody else, though, photos have been leaked up until this point. Nothing too serious, however.

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