Marc Andre Fleury’s 2017 Vegas Golden Knights Mask

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CCM dropped some fire on their Snapchat & Instagram accounts this morning, releasing Vegas Golden Knights Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury’s 2017 mask.. and it is gold.

Fleury, like Corey Crawford, traditionally wears a CCM helmet and this year is no different.

The mask features a golden facemask (love it) similar to his 2016/17 lid’s with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and a black/grey base. However, this paint goes a lot deeper than surface level.

Similar to his previous masks with Pittsburgh (thinking, the 2016/17 season) this lid features a paint scheme that looks great from both the stands and on the ice, with small details in the paint itself as well as both sides of the helmet.

LEFT SIDE: close up, this side of Fleury’s helmet sits on the Vegas Grey and features iconic pieces of the Vegas strip. Personally, I love the Knights (wearing the Vegas battle helmet, of course) rushing through the streets of the strip — as if they’re taking over the city.

FRONT: Very clean, crisp. When looking at the left / right sides of this helmet one would assume that there are two different paint jobs, but this actually isn’t the case. The front side is where we see the clean break between the Vegas Gold and the Grey, broken up subtly by the black base. Nothing on the chin of the mask other than a clean transition from left side to right.

LEFT: the “flashy” side of the helmet, I think this will look excellent on a TV screen or in the stands. As far as a close up, the paint is actually fairly basic featuring a Knight riding a horse (or stallion, if you will). Nothing too detailed in the paint, minus a few highlights of the gold for effect.

All in all, Fleury’s 2017 helmet is pretty impressive and if the color scheme alludes to his setup (which has yet to be released).. fans of goalie gear should look forward to it.

C’mon, CCM, release his pads already.

Here’s Fleury wearing his 2017 mask with the Vegas jersey. Looks good from left, would like to see it on the right side (with gear).

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