Meet Rob Liddell, newest member of the Goalie Coaches team

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First, if you’re not familiar with our story— read that first. 

This is a pretty big day for Goalie Coaches.

Second, equally as important– the integrity (stole that line from Rob) of Goalie Coaches will never change. I genuinely (did you read the story page?) want you to grow your business as a result of Goalie Coaches. Whether we collaborate on an article, we post about your drill on Instagram, whatever it might be, goalies everywhere will benefit from learning new perspectives. That same mentality we’ve built this community on is never going to change.

And you know what? I hope Rob builds a tremendous coaching business as a result of being affiliated with GC. That’s selfish, I know, because he doesn’t need us to be successful. The only thing I care about is that he has a real desire to give back to goalies.

The bottom line is, Rob makes Goalie Coaches better, he cares, and he’s the perfect fit for GC.

It’s about having the right intent..

On our “story” behind Goalie Coaches page, I wrote, “when I’m 60, I want people to look back and say that Goalie Coaches guy really did have a real impact on goalie coaching today”.

Goalie Coaches as a whole is much more than a bunch of followers on Instagram. Or website traffic. It’s about intent. It’s about making an actual impact on goalies, by bringing real value that actually matters, everywhere.

I believe that if you’ve got the right intent, you can provide that real value I mentioned. When you provide real value to people you’ve got the chance to impact the way they think/interact. Those people then pass this same value along to others and gradually your impact grows exponentially.

See the direction?

If you haven’t heard of Rob, we’re not offended–and he isn’t either. (first, though, check out his Instagram–he works with a number of talented goaltenders out of his home state, Michigan)

So why this move?

Because you, the goalie, coach, parent, team coach, etc etc–get more value from seeing a few drills from somebody like Rob.

When we started on Instagram we simply shared every drill we thought a goalie or a coach might see valuable. I can tell you that’ll never change. For every coach that has so graciously embraced us doing this–thank you. I hope we have made a real impact in your business.

Rob’s on the ice nearly every single day of the year. By bringing him on board we get to deliver more video (for YouTube, and beyond) on a more consistent basis.

He’s a better coach than I would ever be, and we can all learn from him.

If we decide to do a camp in the future, Rob can help with that. This message comes through 10 times a week, “do you guys do camps?”. Remember, it’s not about that. We haven’t done a camp, because we didn’t think the value would be through the roof.

However, if we can work together with Rob (and another coach who knows his or her stuff), to deliver something above and beyond–we’d consider it.

This is exactly the reason we want Rob on our team.

His work with Goalie Coaches won’t interfere with his current and future goalie clients, we will never change our “why”, we’re only going to improve.

The value we get by having somebody like him on our team is second to none, you’re going to start seeing a TON of video going up on YouTube. We’ll be able to answer more questions, we’ve got a bunch of exciting things in the pipeline that will be of value to more coaches/goalies/parents/etc and we cannot wait to share them with you.

To goaltending,

The entire team at Goalie Coaches