How To Paint A Goalie Mask

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Look, I get it.

Not everybody can afford a goalie mask painter and that’s OK.

Painting your own goalie mask, whether it be using a beginner airbrush setup or paint pens, is completely doable. You’ll need a few basic supplies (read on), some simple determination and a lot of patience.

For goalies at every level, painting a mask yourself is incredibly satisfying. Who knows, you may just find your next side business!

First, If you can afford a mask painter.. 

Grangroth Graphics (official Goalie Coaches mask painter) of Minnesota whipped up this Goalie Coaches themed mask on a Bauer NME VTX helmet of ours. The mask turned out perfect.

Follow @grangrothgraphics on Instagram. Or visit their website.

Here’s how to paint your own goalie mask (from scratch)

There are two (probably a lot more, actually) ways to paint your goalie mask.

  1. Using Paint Pens.
  2. Airbrushing

Both of these methods are do-able, however, each has their own pros and cons. For starters, we’re going to go over what you’ll need for both steps and then get into the “how to” details.

First, Paint Pens. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. POSCA Paint Pens (by Uni) for these, get a set of fine point + broad point
  2. Pinstriping Tape (optional)
  3. Clear Coat Spray (best bet on this, go to a local automotive shop and have them clear coat your mask)
  4. Matte White Spray Paint (for a base layer)
  5. Sandpaper (super fine, this 46 pack is cheap)