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The RVH, “Reverse Vertical Horizontal” is one of the most popular ways to play wrap around and down low / in tight scenarios for goalies.Β 

In this guide, we’re going to take you through some of our favorite RVH goalie drills, as well as teach you how to properly do the RVH.Β 

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RVH Goalie Drills: A Complete List

The RVH position is an effective way of stopping “in-tight” shots and wrap arounds.

In recent years, more an more goalies have begun adopting this style, which requires laying the leg touching the ice flat on the ice. The goalie should lean in to the post, remaining upright with his chest, effectively sealing off the post. The opposite leg, or the “pivot” leg, should hold the goaltender in place and allow a strong rotational pivot while in the reverse vertical horizontal position. We have compiled a complete library of RVH goalie drills using Instagram–if you think we may be missing something please send us a message!

One of the most important things to remember when using the reverse-vertical-horizontal (RVH) technique, is to not overuse the position. Secondly, efficient movement into and out of the position is critical for it’s effective use in a game situation. While the position is very effective, it is often overused which can result in goals that would’ve otherwise been stopped had the goaltender simply regained his footing.

wrap and read rvh drill

rvh hinge and recovery skating

rvh battle drill

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