Scott Darling To Debut New Brian’s Optik Pads with Carolina

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Scott Darling has always crushed it with his gear. From stock, to sock and custom graphics Darling and the team at his pad manufacturer of choice (Brian’s) know how to keep even the most in tune fan on their toes.

Earlier this season, Darling was one of the first NHL goalies to show off Brian’s (@goaliesonly) latest line, “OPTIK“.

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Traditionally, Darling seems to start with a stock graphic in season before switching to a more custom approach. He seems to enjoy teasing gear enthusiasts everywhere with designs that are uniquely simple and his latest set is no different.

Remember last season in Chicago? Darling wore a stock Brian’s GN3TIK graphic to start before switching to the set pictured below.

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His latest gear is from Brian’s OPTIK line, with a complete flat face and minimal stitching throughout. One added touch, surely by choice, is white stitching that makes a clear distinction of the outer roll.

Caroline Hurricane’s logos are embroidered near the top of the thigh rise, with standard Brian’s logos sewn in on the outer roll portion.

Brian’s “Primo” sliding surface adorns the sliding area of this OPTIK set and in keeping with the dark theme he opted for red skate lace pockets in each of his three gloves.

Custom graphics making a rebound in the NHL?

If Brian’s has anything to say about it, they are.

Here are a few of our favorite from this season. For more, check out our 2017/18 NHL Pads Tracker.

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