Warrior Goalie R F1 Goalie Helmet Review + Everything We Know

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Warrior Goalie is entering the goalie helmet market with the Warrior Ritual RF1. They’ve been on fire lately, with the release of the Warrior G5 goalie pad line. Warrior also released the RM1 Pro+ goalie stick. They’ve been dropping product after product this spring, it’s hard to keep up at times.

This Warrior RF1 goalie helmet review is going to take a deep dive into whether or not the helmet is worth buying, specs of the RF1, and our honest opinion.

For the record, before we start, when Warrior releases new products it’s generally worth listening to.

Warrior puts an incredible amount of effort into developing their gear for the amateur market, in fact so much so, that Warrior does not pay the NHL licensing fees for their gear.

Warrior Goalie RF1 Helmet Review 

Warrior released these images of the Warrior RF1 helmet on Instagram.


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All R/F1 masks come with an additional sweatband, a dangler and a padded bag. #RitualF1 #ElevateYOURgame

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Here’s a video of the new RF1 mask from our friends at Goalie Gear Nerd.

While it’s pretty salesy, at this point, this is one of the better looks at the new RF1 helmet, directly from Warrior.


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Get in your opponent’s head while protecting your own. #RitualF1 #ElevateYOURgame

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