Warrior Goalie Gear in the NHL

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Do any NHL goalies wear Warrior goalie gear? Why isn’t Warrior goalie gear worn in the NHL? These are valid questions that we get asked on a regular basis. Warrior Goalie equipment has been used in the NHL in the past.

It’s not the fact that the gear isn’t good enough to be worn in the big show. Nope, in fact, Warrior is considered higher quality than some of the gear that is the most popular in the league.

Warrior goalie gear is some of the best goalie equipment on the planet, so why don’t NHL goalies wear it?

So, if it’s not due to the quality, then..

Why Do NHL Goalies Not Wear Warrior Gear?

The short answer is, Warrior doesn’t pay the National Hockey League.

2013 was the last time an NHL goalie wore branded Warrior goalie equipment in a game. Since that time, plenty of pros have tested the equipment during their summertime training, but none have worn it in an actual game.

Warrior only pays the NHL to allow goalies to use Warrior branded sticks. They doubled down on the quality of this product starting with the CR1 stick, the  Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ and most recently, the Warrior RM1 stick.

How much does it cost for a brand to have their gear worn in the NHL?

The truth is, these numbers vary. It’s over 6 figures per equipment category.

Will Warrior Gear ever be used in the NHL?

While Warrior has not yet confirmed it, from a business perspective, all signs indicate that yes, their gear will eventually be used again in the NHL.

The reasoning for this is simple.

Their equipment is already worn at a high level throughout North America and Europe. At some point, a fanatical goalie with an obsession for their Warrior products will break through to the NHL. Garret Sparks tested their gear several years ago, and more will do it again this summer. At some point, Warrior pads will be worn again in the NHL.

When that happens, Warrior will have to make the decision. Determine the goalie is marketable enough to be the face of their products at the games highest level, or have them switch to another brand. The Athletic recently published an excellent article on the business of brands sponsoring certain players at the NHL level and believe it or not, very few brands pay athletes to wear their gear. While they may not pay them, the cost remains significant just to have branded gear worn. With the number of pro goalies who would wear Warrior currently, the investment is clearly not worth it at this time.

Warriors commitment to developing the amateur market

Despite their player market being one of the most popular in the league, the goalie equipment side of things for Warrior hasn’t always been the most popular. After the turn of the 2010’s, Warrior hired legendary gear designer Pete Smith to come in and rebuild their goalie equipment from the ground up.

The Warrrior brand has continued to gain in popularity at the youth level. As goalies become better and better, Warrior goalie equipment in the NHL will change.

From a marketing perspective, not paying giant league fees for one or two goalies to wear your gear makes perfect sense. The brand can turn around and say that they’re avoiding having to charge more for their gear by paying these fees and their fans eat it up.

With that being said, however, Warrior makes an incredible lineup of goalie equipment. The CR1 stick was the real deal (as demonstrated by the heavy lineup of NHLers using it right after release) and every other product to follow has lived up to the name.

The brand is doing things right when it comes to developing what is quickly becoming known as the best brands in goalie equipment.

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