Warrior Goalie RM1 Stick Review + Everything We Know

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The Warrior RM1 Goalie Stick is the latest innovation from the minds at Warrior Hockey to enter the market.

This stick will succeed the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ that they released a year ago.

Warrior RM1 Customizer

Buy the Warrior RM1 at Pure Hockey or Goalie Monkey.

Warrior Goalie RM1 Stick Review

The Warrior RM1 stick is a pro level goalie stick that will most certainly be used in the NHL.

While we most likely won’t see the Warrior RM1 in the NHL during the season shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic, it most certainly will be in the big show during the 2020-2021 season.

Warrior does not pay NHL licensing fees for any equipment, with the exception of their sticks. The CR1 and the V1 Pro+ exploded in popularity over the past three years and the RM1 will be no different.

Warrior will offer two options for the RM1.

Warrior RM1 Pro+

The slightly upgraded version of the RM1 Pro, this will set you back just a bit more than the standard pro version.

Warrior RM1 Pro 

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