Warrior M1 Pro+ Goalie Stick Review

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There’s no denying that Warrior is among the top brands when it comes to premium-quality goalie sticks.

The Warrior M1 Pro + Goalie Stick is one of the newest products from the company and offers a number of unique characteristics that make this one of the top choices for goalies of all skill levels to reach for in the upcoming hockey season or training throughout the summer.

There are a number of NHL goalies who are now using Warrior goalie sticks and the M1 Pro + is one that’s quite popular among them.

This stick is extremely lightweight and is known as Warrior’s headline model that is made to meet the needs and expectations of professional hockey goalies.

In this article, we’ll cover the new and improved Warrior M1 Pro + and discuss the many ways that it is capable of giving players an edge over the competition and helping them up their own game in the process.

Warrior M1 Pro + Goalie Stick Review

The Warrior M1 Pro + is a goalie stick that’s made to be even more lightweight and ergonomic than the Warrior M1 Pro, which was released in 2020.

The engineers and design experts at Warrior worked to create a new and improved version of their most popular model, making it according to the Minimus construction that allows a lower kick point and faster release than ever before.

The stick is made out of high-quality Minimus Carbon G1400 material that is considered to be among the most lightweight material currently available on the market.

This stick is made to be very similar to the wildly successful V1 Series that Warrior made years ago, but with advanced technology and better material that all combines for an even better overall product.

Everything about the Warrior M1 Pro + from the shaft to the paddle and even the grip is a new and improved upgrade over previous models from the popular company.

Thanks to this new material, this particular goalie stick is much stronger than any other that has ever been produced by Warrior and comes highly recommended for goalies of any skill level, especially among the elite-level players.

Warrior M1 Pro + Specs:

  • Available in 25”, 26”, and 27.5” lengths
  • Can be ordered in quick (mid) or Bishop (twist) curve options
  • Grey and white or grey and black color combo
  • Minimus Carbon G 1400 material
  • SlideGrip Technology
  • Impact Fiber Layer
  • HiFused Construction
  • 30-day warranty

New Shaft Material and Design

The shaft of the Warrior M1 Pro + is very similar to the Warrior M1 Pro, but is made with an impact fiber layer that provides an added level of strength and durability that players sometimes rely on to block shots.

The stick is crafted using HiFused construction and composite material that lets players snap their shots just a bit quicker to their teammates and maximize the amount of kinetic energy in each part of the shot process.

Better Paddle Design

One of the most noticeable areas of improvement of the Warrior M1 Pro + over other models is the improvements made in the form of the paddle’s design and shape.

This particular stick’s paddle is one in which the company has chosen to introduce their new Minumus construction series technology.

THe Minimus construction is basically a new and improved geometric design that applies better energy transfer and more flexion in each stroke.

This is all made possible because the Minimus construction offers players the ability to have a lower kick point than they might possess with other sticks that feature a different paddle structure and design.

This quicker release comes in very useful as it relates to passes and efforts made to elevate the puck when facing tight squeezes around the net.

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Stick Grip

One of the most important portions of any goalie stick is the quality level, design, and feel of the grip.

Most older sticks don’t feature the same style of grip material, but manufacturers have taken notice in recent years of the need for added levels of grip for goalies as this will feed into other areas of their game’s performance.

The new grip style of Warrior’s M1 Pro + is the same as other sticks in the M1 lineup series and offers players a better grip through a raised padding material that helps goalies maintain more control over their stick and the puck when necessary.

One of the most unique factors about the Warrior M1 Pro + is the new SlideGrip Technology that gives players the same high level of grip and control as other stick models in the M1 series, but with the new ability to ‘slide’ their hand along the shaft’s grip zone with less friction when the occasion calls for it.

This new feature lets goalies get their hands and stick into position faster and more efficiently than they might be able to with other brands or models as they are typically forced to lift their hand up off the stick and place it where they need to in the middle of the action.

The SlideGrip Technology makes it possible for players to slide their hand along the stick’s grip without losing control over the stick itself.

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Players have come to expect a high level of aesthetic design along with all the other positive features of the Warrior brand’s sticks.

The M1 Pro + delivers a new, sharp design that incorporates grey, white and black color combinations that isn’t too flashy and is capable of matching up with any team’s uniform colors, as well as other equipment that players might want to highlight.

The end of the paddle features an intriguing mesh coloration design that comprises shades that include blue, green, and yellow.

Best Overall
Warrior M1 Pro+ Goalie Stick

Our number rated goalie stick for 2021, the M1 Pro+ is incredibly lightweight. It also has great vibration dampening technology to reduce stingers.

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Final Verdict

The Warrior M1 Pro + is one of the best goalie sticks currently available on the market and offers more than enough new features to make it stand out among all the other models produced by the Warrior brand.

It’s priced at a higher rate than other models, but there’s no denying the increased quality and overall higher state of play that the Warrior M1 Pro + is made to accompany.

This is an elite-level goalie stick worthy of the attention of elite goalies.