Bauer 2S Goalie Stick Review: Everything We Know

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Following the incredible success of the Bauer 1S, the Bauer 2S goalie stick is now available to the general public.

We’ve been testing the Bauer 2S Pro stick for several months now, with great results. One of the biggest things any goalie notices first about this stick is how light it is. The 2S / 1S sticks have forever changed the goalie stick market.

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Bauer 2S Goalie Stick Review

Bauer utilizes “Textreme® Technology” (which they claim is 20% stronger than conventional carbon) in their line(s) of composite goalie sticks.

Wait, what’s the difference between Bauer Vapor goalie sticks and Bauer 1S/2S sticks? It’s this Textreme® Technology used in the 1S/2S line. Bauer’s Vapor line of sticks was designed to make the transition from foam core to composite cleaner, especially for goalies in the NHL.

Goaltenders in the NHL are much slower to transition gear (and for good reason) and Bauer needed a stick to service this niche. That’s the Bauer Vapor 1X stick.

One of the first things we noticed in testing the new Bauer 2S stick is how light it is. Have you ever picked up a feather? That’s what this latest creation from Bauer feels like. Even compared side by side with the 1S stick, it’s light. That confidence on the ice can make all the difference.

Below is a video of the Bauer 2S goalie stick in action. You’ll notice here the goalie is also testing the new Bauer NME VTX helmet along with 2S goalie skates and an entire set of Bauer 2S gear.

Bauer 2S Pro Goalie Stick Specs

Of course, with the successful launch of the 1S, Bauer had to come back with something even better than the previous model. In our opinion, they did that. The biggest change on this stick is the new ERGO SPINE paddle.

The 2S stick is also 10% lighter than its predecessor. They implemented a 12k carbon reinforced shaft for increased durability.

  • Key Upgrades: ERGO SPINE paddle, 12k carbon reinforced shaft, 10% lighter than previous model
  • Shaft technology: Lightweight 12k carbon reinforced, Double concave geometry, Control zone with GRIPTAC on shoulder
  • Paddle technology: ERGO SPINE construction, TeXtreme® weave reinforced outer wrap

Differences between Bauer 2S Pro and Bauer 2S Goalie Sticks

One of the smartest things Bauer did with this years launch of the 2S pro stick? They created a second stick at a lower price point.

The Bauer 2S Pro will cost $299 and the 2S (very similar to the 1S) will be priced at $199.

There are two big astheic differences between the Bauer 2S Pro and the Bauer 2S goalie sticks.

First, the coloring in the sticks. The 2S pro uses a Textreme weave technology, giving it a stark contrast from the 2S.

Second, the spine on the new Bauer 2S Pro. There is no spine on the 2S, making it a lot like the first Supreme stick on the market.

Essentially, the Bauer 2S is a 1S stick priced at $199. If you’re just getting in to composite goalie sticks, purchase the Bauer 2S and save yourself $100. You won’t be able to tell the difference and if you start buying at the lower price point, you’ll always be saving.

For those of you that HAVE to have the latest and greatest, the Bauer 2S pro goalie stick is probably one of the best shooting sticks on the market. It’s expensive, but worth it. Super light, shoots well, looks great. What more does a goalie need?