Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates Review

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The latest designs from Bauer are focused on giving players a serious edge over the competition by making skates that are lighter and offer even better support than previous models up until now.

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates are truly a one-of-a-kind product as they are crafted in a way that allows goalies to utilize their own unique abilities as a player while still providing ample amounts of support and protection that is crucial to anyone in the position.

The Vapor 2X Pro lineup is the top-of-the-line model for Bauer in 2021 and many professional and elite level hockey players are noticing the brand and its new products as they stand out among the rest thanks to the new features and other improvements.

It’s no secret that Bauer is one of the top brands when it comes to producing skates that are ideal for goalies, but their newest line, the Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates are among the best of the best for players at any level.

In this article, we’ll look closely at all of the new ways that Bauer has improved an already great product to out-perform the competition in almost every way.

Editors Note: As of 2021, the all new Bauer Pro Goalie Skate is on the market.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates Review

One of the most prominent aspects of the new Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates is that the boots are made of a new material that offers more stiffness and enhanced support for goalies of any skill level and size.

The Carbon Composite Curv design is among the most cutting-edge material being used in the hockey industry and is now giving Bauer a serious edge over the competition when it comes to making skates that are both supportive and lightweight.

One of the most noticeable differences between the Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates and other brands is the use of a new blade system that is crafted from enhanced-quality carbon coated steel material.

This gives goalies a higher level of performance and mobility that can equal out to having the ability to make split-second decisions that are capable of saving a puck at just the right moment as opposed to missing it completely.

These skates offer a litany of other impressive features that all combine for an exceptionally well-made product that can be appreciated by elite and professional hockey players the world over.

New Padding and Memory Foam

One of the most important aspects of a quality pair of goalie skates is having ample amounts of padding in just the right areas to provide support and offer a comfortable feel for players designated to stand in one general area as opposed to moving around in the same way a goalie’s teammates are able to.

The Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates are made with enhanced padding that is molded around the ankle area and offers plenty of support for making quick, sudden movements in the same way goalies are expected to.

The ankle is formed with Aero Foam Memory material that creates a snug, supportive fit and cuts down on the prospect of the boot itself slipping and sliding around as the player cuts and moves on the ice.

The foot portion is made with Bauer’s Lock-Fit liner, which helps provide ample padding to the bottom of each player’s foot, as well as the sides in ways that creates an exceptionally comfortable experience.

In addition to enhancing the overall comfort of these skates, players are provided with solid amounts of protective padding that guards against the puck, as well as keeps your foot firmly in place while you’re on the ice.

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Boot Material and Stiffness

One of the most popular aspects of the new Vapor 2X Pro lineup from Bauer is the brand’s new Carbon Curv Composite material that is truly revolutionizing the way hockey skates are made, as well as how they are expected to perform on the ice.

This new material is surprisingly supportive and is somehow more lightweight than other types of composite material that has been released thus far in the hockey industry.

This material is designed to optimize the amount of energy transfer from the player’s feet to the ice in a way that allows them to move with quickness and decisiveness.

Interchangeable Tongue

Like most of Bauer’s other skate models in the Vapor 2X Pro line, the Goalie Skates are capable of having tongues that can be swapped out with other styles that allow goalies to obtain skates that offer just the right fit for their own personal level of comfort.

The Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates come standard with Bauer’s Dynamic Flex tongue which is made to provide enough protection against direct hits from the puck, as well as support that ensures that a player’s laces don’t dig into the front of the ankle.

Improved Blade System

One of the most overlooked, yet important aspects of any pair of goalie skates is the blades and how well they fit within the overall boot design.

Bauer has done an outstanding job at creating a skate that maximizes force and energy output in a way that gives the user a significant advantage over others.

The Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates are each fitted with LS 5G carbon coated steel blades which are designed to bite into the ice and give goalies plenty of mobility and quickness when they need it most.

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Final Verdict

There are a number of other features and advantages that the Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Skates offer which simply can’t be matched by most other brands in the hockey industry.

The overall appearance of these skates is one that will undoubtedly be appreciated by players of all skill levels as they feature a sleek, ergonomic look and feel that further accentuate the cutting-edge ability that they offer.

These skates are ideal for goalies seeking to get their hands on skates that offer some of the latest technology that is geared toward improving their in-game performance to a noticeable degree.

These skates are not only extremely comfortable, but they also live up to the high standards that Bauer products have become known for.