CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skates Review

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CCM is among the best of the best brands when it comes to producing high-end, quality-made hockey skates that are designed for optimal performance. Such is the case with the CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate which is praised for being some of the best-made goalie skates from CCM in many years.

The CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate lineup is geared mainly toward speed and there are plenty of reasons for goalies to reach for these as opposed to other top brands this season.

The one piece boot concept is something that CCM has all but perfected in its pursuit to create the ideal hockey skate. The new JetSpeed FT2 is made of a new, lightweight material that’s highly durable and capable of delivering plenty of stability for goalies of all sizes and skill levels.

For anyone looking to get a pair of super lightweight goalie skates that are capable of offering ample protection and premium features, the CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate are the ideal choice. Today, we’re going to be doing a in depth dive into our CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate Review. Are these skates worth the money? Should goalies still consider these, even when newer skates, such as the AS3, are on the market?

CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate Review

First released in the spring of 2019, the CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate is among the best goalie skates ever produced by the brand, according to many players and coaches at the highest levels. The FT2 lineup, while it may be slightly an afterthought with the AS3 launch, was one of the first massive advancements in the skate category made by CCM when it comes to goalies.

This lineup is considered to be revolutionary in terms of quality and performance as the JetSpeed FT2 offers a much more quickness-oriented experience than other goalie skates of similar value.

The one piece boot concept has truly taken the JetSpeed FT2 series to a new level in the minds of many hockey players and others in the sport.

Having a set of goalie skates that are incredibly lightweight allows those who play the position to enjoy a newfound sense of mobility and cat-like reflexes that go a long way in helping their in-game performance.

These skates are available in the pro model, but can also be ordered with some customizable options that offer a more suitable fit in regards to foot width and arch support.

One Piece Boot Model

The one piece boot goalie skate was first developed by what we now know as the True Goalie Skate. So, it’s not a new thing. But, the removal of the cowling in the goalie skate was without question the biggest technological development in goalie skates over the past decade. CCM takes a page from that book for the FT2 JetSpeed Goalie Skate.

The biggest and most important part of these skates is the redesigned one-piece boot concept.  This creates a much more stable and power-driven design which plays a significant role in aiding players in bettering their performance on the ice. And honestly, it’s the 21st century. Wearing a skate with a cowling is so five years ago.

While the brand used to create goalie skates with a prominent cowling on the front and sides, the new one-piece boot is made so that users’ feet are well-protected from the puck and other impacts that might occur during play.

This cowling-less design is much lighter in weight than previous models, which frees up the foot-speed and response time of the user to a considerable degree.

Thanks to the one-piece design, there is no need for extra components like glue, screws, and other added weight that will only further slow the feet of goalies who wear them. The one-piece boot concept is mainly designed for quickness, but also lends itself toward allowing goalies to have much better energy transfer from the foot to the ice, which also adds to the overall performance level of each player.

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Premium Padding and Liner

The CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate is made with some of the best support of any pair of goalie skates in the industry.

There is ample padding that cushions the area surrounding the ankle, which plays a prominent role in the player’s ability to adequately move their feet and work to stop the puck in its tracks.

The insole padding is made from TOTALDRI moisture-wicking technology that helps the player’s feet stay dry which can improve the overall life of your skates, as well as the performance level on the ice.

The insole is made to maximize the energy transfer, making these skates considerably more suited for quickness and better response time than other brands currently on the market.

The Bauer Ultrasonics skates are pretty good in this area though.

Boot Contour

The CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate can be accurately described as a more low-cut model than other goalie skates.

This allows players to drop down in an effort to block shots, but to also pop back up in less time and with less effort than they might while wearing skates that don’t offer the same level of rigidity and contour around the ankle area.

This low-cut design makes it possible for goalies to set down deeper in their stance without compromising or exposing their ankles to potential injury.

TriTech Tongue

One of the most overlooked parts of a quality pair of hockey skates is almost always the tongue.

The CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate offers the brand’s TriTech tongue, which is specially molded to offer optimal protection and prevent the laces from biting into the forefront of the ankle, especially when bending.

This allows for a better overall sense of mobility and quickness in changing from one position to another.

SpeedBlade XSG Holder

Part of what makes the JetSpeed FT2 such a prominent model is the fact that players can quickly and easily change out their blades when needed using the SpeedBlade XSG Holder.

The skates feature the brand’s XSG1 Black Blades, which are designed for further maximizing the player’s quickness by optimizing the attack angle they are capable of taking toward the opposing teams’ shots.

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Final Verdict

These skates are among some of the best CCM has ever produced that are designed specifically for goalies.

The cowling-less, one-piece boot designs are capable of optimizing a player’s mobility, making them an ideal choice for goalies who are looking to maximize their in-game performance in the sense of being faster and more protective of the goal.

There is no shortage of features in the CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skate and players of all abilities and skill levels have plenty of reasons to appreciate these premium-quality skates.

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