Bauer UltraSonic Goalie Skates Review

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It’s no secret that goalies rely heavily on the ability to utilize their natural, cat-like reflexes and split-second decision-making skills to serve as the last line of defense against their opponent on the ice.

As the opposing team approaches in a structured formation, setting up for a series of passes that ultimately lead to a well-placed shot, it’s of the utmost importance that a goalie has the ability to move freely and block that shot at all costs.

Having faulty equipment that can be a liability in this type of situation simply won’t cut it—especially at the professional level.

Bauer is a company that has worked very hard in recent years to develop a type of skate that is specifically designed for goalies and which helps them leverage their quickness and mobility to make stops when they are asked to.

The Bauer UltraSonic Goalie Skates are among one of the best pairs of skates currently available on the market that is crafted to give goalies a much better range of advantages over other products.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the new additions to Bauer’s goalie skates lineup, as well as noting just how these new features and designs are able to help players elevate their game on the ice, regardless of whether they’re a novice or even playing at the professional level.

Bauer UltraSonic Goalie Skates Review

For years, Bauer has been atop the list of names when it comes to making exceptionally well-made skates that are specially designed for goalies.

The new UltraSonic Goalie model is based on new and improved designs from previous versions that have long been considered some of the best goalie skates in the game.

The UltraSonic Goalie skates are made with the focus on being more lightweight and capable of helping players have a much better attack angle than ever before.

The boot itself is designed with the certain tasks that only a goalie is expected to perform during a game. They are made with a composite material that’s much more lightweight than previous versions, but yet somehow lighter in weight than their older counterparts.

The goal of Bauer engineers was to create a skate that was aimed at giving goalies a better ability to maximize their own lightning-fast reflexes and adequately defend their goal to the last effort.

The new design features an improved toe cap, new liner and footbed, interchangeable tongues, and new LS5G blades, and more.

These new features all combine to create an exceptionally high-quality experience for goalies and are a solid product that players of any skill level can rely on when the time comes and the game is on the line.

New Fit and Design

The UltraSonic Goalie Skates are made with Bauer’s new Supreme fit skates are made to have a much more snug feel over the foot and give players a greater sense of support when they need to rely on their footwork to make a save.

The new design of the UltraSonic Goalie skates has a deeper set heel which helps the laces and the boot itself wrap around the ankle more firmly.

Many goalies report that the new and improved design helps to provide them with an exceptional level of comfort that is often hard to achieve for goalies.

Composite Material

One of the most important differences in the new design of the UltraSonic Goalie skates is the material that the boot itself is made out of.

Bauer has recently released a new line of UltraSonic skates that are crafted with the company’s new Carbon Curv Composite material which helps to give goalies a more stiff fit while still being more lightweight than its predecessor, as well as many other brands that are currently available.

Goalies who have tried on a pair of UltraSonic Goalie skates and compared them to a product like Bauer’s 2S Pro are immediately surprised at the overall weight difference when it comes to the Curv composite material that the UltraSonic is made of.

As most experienced hockey players already know, having a lighter skate allows players—goalies or other positions—to have much better push-offs, turns, stops, and other maneuvers that are critical during games.

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Other Notable Features

The UltraSonic Goalie model skates are also fitted with a hardened toe cap that helps give an extra level of support for goalies and capable of protecting the front of their foot.

Bauer is credited with producing a revolutionary new model years ago that was lacking in the traditional cowling, which was made to provide ample protection from the toes and foot, but actually added a significant amount of extra weight to each skate.

The skates also offer a thicker type of memory foam material that serves as liner and can keep most players on the ice longer as it is much more comfortable than most other brands that are currently available on the market.

This new foam material is added around the heel area to help create a more firm feel. This thickened padding helps to firm-up certain areas of the inner boot which are sometimes susceptible to being worn out faster than others.

Goalies and other players will also appreciate the fact that they can utilize interchangeable tongues on the UltraSonic Goalie Skates.

The new tongue design is made to be well-padded, as well as flexible, which helps goalies get a better sense of mobility on the ice.

Bauer Ultrasonic Goalie Skates

These are some of the hottest goalie skates on the market right now. They're comfortable and lightweight, not the cheapest though.

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Final Verdict

With all the new and improved features of the UltraSonic Goalie Skates, it’s easy to see why these particular skates rocketed to the top of the list when it comes to high-quality goalie skates.

The composite material helps to give the boot a higher level of support while also being lighter in weight and allow for higher degrees of mobility and agility—which are crucial to the goalie position.

Everything about the new UltraSonic Goalie Skates is made to provide the player with a much better and more comfortable feel, but the overall goal of Bauer in releasing these new skates is to provide a much greater degree of energy transfer between the player’s foot and the ice.

These skates are game-ready right out of the box and will serve as a worthy investment for goalies of any skill level.