All Black Hockey Sticks Goalie Stick Review

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For players in the hockey community, the opportunity to play with a competitively weighted stick for a fraction of the price is a “sight for sore eyes”, per se.

All Black Hockey Sticks is a stick manufacturing company that makes exactly as the name entails; All Black Hockey Sticks.

We procured one of these sticks in the past week and are currently testing it on ice.

All Black Goalie Stick Review: Initial thoughts

Until recently, ABHS has not released a goalie stick. With the rise of composite goalie sticks (see, Warrior’s CR1 and the Bauer 2S), All Black Hockey Stick’s enters the goaltending market with a product priced quite well.

ABHS sticks are made of Carbon Fiber and built just like a traditional composite stick.

The All Black Hockey Sticks Goalie Stick weight? 730 grams. Just 50 grams heavier than a Bauer 1S goal stick.

We will continue to update this article once we’ve tested this stick.

Conclusion: the all black goalie stick is a niche product that’s probably best suited for beer league goalies looking for a cheap stick. The stick actually does perform pretty well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, the problem is that there is way better goalie sticks on the market for a similar price point.