Eddie Lack’s New Gear for 2017 Calgary Flames

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Editor’s Note: Eddie Lack was traded from the Calgary Flames to the New Jersey Devils during the 2017 / 2018 season. We’ve dropped photos of his new gear in that article.

As a fan of goalie gear, Eddie Lack has been one of the leaders in overall design and willingness to “take the next step” throughout his career.

In more recent years, Lack’s gear has featured a white base with some type of unique design near the boot area (see his 2016/2017 gear while with the Carolina Hurricanes) and this year’s gear is no different.

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of his setup for the 2017 campaign, a quick note on the actual pad series itself.

Lack’s pads for this season are one of the very first Brian’s Custom Sports new “OPTIK” pad line to be seen in public. The all new Brian’s OPTIK series is said to have replaced the older SubZero line that was offered up until the SubZero 3. In my opinion, the timing of the new OPTIK line could not have come at a better time.

In this Instagram video we re-posted, Lack is training in an all white demo set of the Brian’s gear.

Last November, Brian’s dropped the G-NETIK 3 series of pads, which was branded as the GN3TIK. The standard design on the pads was much different than anything seen previously in the G-NETIK line, and in my personal opinion it surpassed the SZ3 gear.


Now, releasing the OPTIK gear, Brian’s has a 1-2 punch two seasons in a row releasing “different” series of gear. Remember, the G-NETIK gear is still the same, but the design screams something completely different. As far as branding is concerned, Brian’s has put themselves in a tremendous position.

Let’s not forget, not only did Brian’s hype up the goalie community with their GN3TIK line last fall, between then and the newest OPTIK, they also dropped a Heritage line (best seen on their website)

Now, Back to Lack’s 2017 Gear he’ll wear with the Calgary Flames

Knowing nothing about the actual internals of the latest Brian’s OPTIK gear, from a surface level these pads are just another flame design.

However, the best part about the entire setup?

It pays homage to Trevor Kidd’s Air Pac setup from waaaay back in the day.


Lack’s back in Western Canada, he’s got an incredible setup to boot..

Let’s go Flames.

Now if Eddie would just bring back a classic TPS twig to match..