Guardian Quik Anchor Pegs Review

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Guardian Anchor Pegs anchor your net in place while protecting a goalies skate blades from dulling and nicks during practice.

As a lead off, we do not actually need to write a Guardian Quik Anchor Pegs review, as these things are the real deal.

I’m quite confident the incredible hulk could have success in the RVH using a pair of Guardian’s between the pipes. They’re that good.

Director of Goaltender Development at Goalie Coaches Rob Liddell uses these pegs with his goalies and we’ve been testing them here in Minnesota as well.

Also, the #1 question we get asked is: “Do these pegs chew up the ice?” 

A: no. The pegs are adjustable to your preferred length and they actually do less damage than the standard pegs your rink already has simply because they do not move in place when you’ve set them.

The only real “downside” to Anchor Pegs is there is not a great competitor currently on the market (though, there are competing pegs, read down).

Unless the pegs have gone on sale since the time of this writing, they’re $200 for a set (a set is 2 pegs, enough for one net).

Are Guardian Anchor Pegs worth it? 

For the money (and for their practicality), they cannot be beat. You will not need another net peg, nor will you need another skate blade protector system.

Buy Guardian Anchor pegs here.

As a bonus, each set of Guardian Anchor pegs comes with 4 replacement tips and tip protectors. This was a huge added bonus (new for November 2017).

The pegs in action

As for professional goalies and goalie coaches, there are hundreds of use cases and examples of how well the Guardian Anchor Pegs really do work, but we’ll just go with a few here.

First off, we’ve got current Chicago Blackhawk Anton Forsberg training with goalie coach AJ Walczak. For professional goalies playing with net moorings that have zero give unless pushed up, the need for a net that doesn’t move during practice is imperative.

The biggest advantage of these pegs versus moorings used in the NHL is that they’re portable. Have a small area on the half wall to train in? Move your net there and be skating in seconds. The pegs are fully adjustable.

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In the second clip, we’ve got Canada Olympic (Ladies) netminder Shannon Szabados. There aren’t a ton of actual post hits in here, but the confidence to practice in a net that you know is going to hold translates very well to in game performance. The last thing we want in practice is for the net to constantly bounce out of place.

Goalie sessions are the best! Especially when @topprospectsgoaltending hits the logo every time! #quickchest

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Setting up the pegs

Setup on the pegs is ridiculously easy. Simply lift the net up, slide the peg in and drop the net in place.

Ideally, you drop it exactly on the goal line in the correct location and do not move it the entire practice. However, do not feel ashamed if it takes several tries. It’s a weird feeling putting the net down and expecting it to stay without movement for an entire practice.

Cost of the Guardian Anchor pegs 

Currently, the cost of the Guardian Anchor Pegs is $200 for a set. Each set is good for one net. Shipping is $20 for the USA and Canada.

And yes, is an authorized dealer.

If you’d rather not have the post protectors, we also sell “Game Ready Adjustable Net Pegs” at a cheaper rate.

Use cases

We use the Guardian Anchor pegs on a daily basis, with goalies of every level. The video below is a fairly good example of the pegs used in drill work.

These pegs are used at every level of professional hockey, from the NHL to European pro leagues.

Here are some examples.

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Net pegs other than Guardian Anchor Pegs

We wrote a complete article on hockey goal net pegs here.

There are no products that, as a standalone version, do the exact same thing as the Guardian Anchor Pegs.

There are, however, other solutions for anchoring your net to the ice during practice. One is the Piranha peg, which we have not tested (but did write about in the above mentioned article).

If you’ve got any questions, send tyler at goaliecoaches dot com an email!

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