Juuse Saros Complete Goalie Gear Guide

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Juuse Saros is currently one of the two starting goalies for the Nashville Predators.

During the 2020 the play-ins, Saros was wearing the newest lineup of goalie gear we’ve seen out of CCM, the Axis Pro’s.

This is the goalie gear that Juuse Saros is wearing right now.  

Interestingly enough, Saros had no issue with jumping into a new pair of goalie pads for the qualifying rounds after a 3 month break from hockey.  Being that there was a break there is a high likelihood chance that he’d been wearing the pads for some time before the play-ins actually started.

Juuse Saros’s Pads

The new pads that Juuse Saros is wearing are the all new CCM Axis Pro’s.  The color scheme?  All gold.

In my opinion, Saros’s pads are some of the better looking pads in the NHL, simply because they are different from the all white scheme.  This is isn’t the first time that Saros went with the all gold look as he was repping the color with his CCM Eflex 4 Pro pads earlier in the 2020 regular season.

The CCM Axis Pro pads are an interesting pair of pads.  Since the contract with Lefevre has ended, they’ve gone on to create their own brand, while CCM continues on their own.  The Axis Pro pads are designed for comfort and versatility.  They’re not extremely stiff like the UltraSonics, but they’re not super soft either.

These pads also did make the list of our best goalie pads for 2020.  Check the latest price of them on PureGoalie here. 

Juuse Saros’s Glove

As with the leg pads, Saros has been wearing the all gold CCM Axis Pro goalie glove.

The Axis Pro glove is very technologically advanced.  Now, I’m not sure if that means it’s necessarily better than the rest of the top branded goalie gloves, but it is up there with them.

A couple of the features on the Axis Pro are 590 degree break, game ready break in fit, double tee pocket, quick wrist straps, and a Nash palm.

That’s obviously a quick run down of the glove, but Saros appears to be a fan of it. Check the latest price of it here. 

Juuse Saros’s Blocker

Matching along with the rest of his setup, Juuse Saros is currently wearing the Axis Pro Blocker.

It’s meant to be a centered fit, highly protective have have a stiff board so rebounds are sent flying.

If you watched the Nashville vs Coyotes series at all, there were plenty of moments where Saros put the puck quickly in the corner with his blocker.

If it works for Saros, it probably works for the rest of us.

Goalie Stick

Juuse Saros appears to be using the CCM E Flex 4 goalie stick this year in play-ins.  It looks very similar to the new Axis Pro, but it’s not quite the same.  The E Flex 4 however is known to be a lightweight stick that can shoot the puck fairly well.  Some goalies have had issues with durability, but for Saros, that clearly wasn’t an issue.  It will be interesting to see if Saros does make the switch over to the new Axis Pro stick for this upcoming season, or if he will stick with the E Flex 4. 

Juuse Saros’s Mask

Juuse Saros appears to be wearing either the CCM Axis Pro or the CCM Pro goalie mask.  More than likely it is the newer of the two (Axis Pro), but with the custom paint jobs it is hard to know for sure.

Panthers goalie Sergie Bobrovsky was wearing the new Axis Pro mask in play-ins this year.

It’s CCM’s newest and most improved mask to date.  CCM has been dominant in the goalie pad game for years now, but their goalie mask game hasn’t been up to par.

It features a Sigmatex shell, D30 Smart Material, and a gel+memory foam combination as the liner.  Overall it’s designed to be very lightweight yet super comfortable.  I personally haven’t had the chance to try it on yet, but it looks like it’s a quality mask.

Juuse Saros Gear: Conclusion

That wraps up the look into Juuse Saros’s goalie gear.  He’s pretty clearly an adamant CCM Axis Pro goalie, and probably for some good reasons.

It will be interesting to see where he decides to take his gear this upcoming hockey season.

Thanks for reading!