Lefevre L.4.1 Goalie Pads Review

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Welcome to my review of the Lefevre L.4.1 goalie pads.

Lefevre (if you do not know) recently has parted ways with CCM.  In the past few years, they were manufacturing goalie pads+ gloves + blockers and putting a CCM logo on top.

Before that however, they originally started in 1967.

So they’ve been around the block a time or two with goalie gear.

Lefevre L.4.1 Goalie Pads Review

The Lefevre L.4.1 goalie pads were created in 2004.  However, they are up to 2020 standards in terms of quality…

Each of the four Lefevre pads have different areas of excellence.  The L.4.1 goalie pads are meant for the butterfly goalie.  Which at this point in 2020, I’m not so sure that people still use the term “butterfly goalie”.  Mainly since the position of goalie has adapted to play both standup and butterfly positions interchangeably.

I have to assume that the term “butterfly goalie” was very popular in 2004.

Stiff Internal Board

These pads are some of the stiffer pads that Lefevre released, along with the L.20.1 pads.

Because they are a stiff pad, rebounds are cleared well out of the crease, fairly easily.  This concept is very similar to the idea of clearing rebounds “to the blue line” with the Bauer Odin 1S pads a couple years ago.

This is also much unlike the Lefevre’s L.12.1 goalie pads or their L.87’s.  Both of which are a soft pad that drops rebounds a lot closer.


The boot on the L.4.1 goalie pads are at 60 degrees, and moderately stiff.  This is to enhance the coverage of the pads and make them “longer”.   This may restrict movement a little bit though…  It will however be very helpful for when you drop into the butterfly.

Which is why these pads are for the “butterfly goalie”.

If I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure how I feel about these pads.  I realize that they are elite, but in my opinion you are better off with the new L.20.1 goalie pads from Lefevre.  That is if you are looking for a stiff pad.

Mobility and Movement

Mobility and movement-wise, these pads are definitely not the best of the four pads from Lefevre.  Reasons for this include, stiff internal board, moderately stiff boot and slightly heavier than other Lefevre goalie pads.

Am I saying that movements are going to be super difficult, probably not.  They’re still a high end pair of goalie pads.   But what I am saying is that these pads aren’t going to be super mobile and agile like the L.12.1 pads.

And that’s totally fine, because if you get these pads, you know these pads aren’t necessarily designed for pure mobility.  They’re designed to take up space and clear rebounds out of the crease.

In these pads however, you do get really good, clean drops into the butterfly.  That’s because the boot channel isn’t super tight and restrictive.

The leg channel also has “strapless adjustment” which helps with the movement into the butterfly as well.

Overall, you’ll be able to move around in these pads.  I just want to say that the other three pads from Lefevre have better technology for mobility.


If you have worn CCM goalie pads in the past 4 years, you’ve been wearing pads that were created by Lefevre.  And if the quality was good then, you’re getting the same quality now.  Unless you weren’t wearing the pro version.

All of Lefevre’s new pads are pro version.

So naturally the quality and durability is going to be a lot higher compared to a budget set of goalie pads.

Conclusion: Lefevre L.4.1 Goalie Pads

In conclusion, the Lefevre L.4.1 goalie pads are a nice set of pads, designed specifically for the butterfly position.  If you feel that you fit that description, maybe these are the pads for you!  They have a stiff board that really pushes rebounds distances.  The only downfall that you might have in these pads is stand up mobility.

Thanks for reading!