True Lefevre L20.1 Goalie Pads

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Editors Note: the latest iteration of True Lefevre goalie pads is the recently debuted True L20.2 pads

In September of 2020, True Hockey announced that True Goalie Gear would be Powered by Lefevre. So, to clarify your reading here, the Lefevre goalie pads are actually the True L20.1 Goalie Pads.

The Lefevre L20.1 goalie pads were released early this past Spring, in 2020.

These, along with the L12.1, L4.1, and the L87 are the first pads that Lefevre has put to the market without the CCM logo attached (in a long time).  And to say that they took the goalie gear community by storm would be an understatement.

A large percentage of the goalies in the NHL have been wearing Lefevre during play-ins and playoffs.  While this isn’t very much of a surprise since most goalie were wearing CCM pads before, even goalies that weren’t wearing CCM have switched over to Lefevre.

Maybe all of this is just hype, since it’s new.  Only time will really tell…

True goalie also offers the L87 and L12.2 goalie pads.

True Lefevre L20.1 Goalie Pads Review

The four different types of goalie pads that Lefevre has released all have different purposes.  The Lefevre L20.1 pads are similar to the UltraSonic pads in the fact that they’re stiff and lightweight.  They’re also the newest design of goalie pads that Lefevre has created.


  • Lefevre’s lightest leg pads
  • Stiff
  • Rebounds have a lot of pop
  • New fast rotation system (drop into butterfly quickly)
  • Great ankle mobility


  • Not at all cheap
  • Stiff goalie pads aren’t always the best for everyone

So to answer the question, are the Lefevre L20.1 goalie pads worth it?  

Although the price of the L20.1 goalie pads isn’t cheap, I do believe that the price you will pay for them is worth it.  You can check the latest price on PureHockey here.  

The Lefevre L20.1 leg pads just might be some of the best goalie pads for 2020.  Actually, it’s no doubt that they are in the top 5.  Lefevre hasn’t even been a separate brand for more than a couple months and they’ve already got most of the NHL goalies playing in playoffs wearing them.

You simply cannot gain that much traction that quickly without creating a high quality product.

Which brings up the point that the L20.1 pads are only one of four different goalie pads from Lefevre.  Each one has a different purpose or area of excellence and the L20.1’s are the pads stiffness along with fast rotation system.  The L4.1 pads are very similar in the fact that they’re stiff, but the L20.1’s are much better for stand up goalies.

The ladder pads are really good for playing in the butterfly.

Features in the L20.1 Pads

These are the features that are specific to the L.20.1 pads.

Fast Rotation System

Something that is not in any of the other Lefevre pads is the new Fast Rotation System.  It’s patent pending technology that allows for goalies to drop into the butterfly quickly without anything obstructing the drop.

It also makes the pads very responsive to movement.

Along with the Fast Rotation System (FRS), the Lefevre L20.1 pads also have really good mobility in the ankle.  The foot angle of the pads are set at 90 degrees.  Lefevre also designed the pads to sit higher up on the leg to help with the transitions and movements us goalies make in the crease.

Lastly, these pads are designed to sit closer to the leg, compared to Lefevre’s other pads.  It helps with the responsiveness and mobility.

Stiff Board

As I said earlier, the L20.1’s are stiff.  But, they’re not just for butterfly goalies.  These are designed for the standup goalie that wants a square base and stiff pads.

That’s it.

These pads are also really good at clearing rebounds.  Because the internal board is stiff, pucks have a lot of pop coming off of them.  This is really good for getting pucks out of the crease quickly, without any additional effort.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the stiffer pads.  They may not be as “agile” as other pads with breaks, but they are very stabile in the butterfly.  Stiff pads generally have a really good seal on the ice as well.

At the end of the day, getting these pads comes. down to personal preference.

Do you want a stiff pad with stability and good rebound control, or do you want a soft pad that is maybe a bit more agile.

I know a lot of goalies that wouldn’t touch a stiff pair of goalie pads if their life depended on it, but then there are goalies such as myself that find the stiffness very advantageous.

And since these pads are super mobile, you get a stiff pair of pads with a lot of pop – yet you can still move around in them.

Graphics/ Boot

The angle of the foot is set at 90 degrees, which is standard for a lot of goalie pads.

The crease in the boot is very flexible.  Which allows for quality movement and mobility.

The graphics that are on the L20.1 pads are ok in my opinion.  I don’t dislike it, nor do I like it.  It’s sort of in the middle for me.

I’m interested to know if Lefevre will be offering completely custom graphics in the future.  Similar to what Bauer and Brian’s are up to.

As of right now, Lefevre is not offering completely custom graphics on their pads.  However, you can custom order and change the colors of the stock graphic.


Conclusion: Lefevre L.20.1 Goalie Pads

Overall, the Lefevre L20.1 goalie pads are pretty sweet.  A lot of NHL’ers have made the switch over, and I’m sure a lot more will.

The L20.1’s are meant for the goalie that likes a stiff board, fast butterflies and a lightweight feel.  This is exactly what you get here.

Thanks for reading!