Quik Anchor Pegs V2 Anchorpegs Are Here

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Quik Anchor Pegs, the manufacturer created one of the most revolutionary hockey net pegs specifically for goalie training. This peg is called the “Guardian Anchor Peg” (GoalieCoaches.com is an authorized dealer, buy them here).

Recently, Quik Anchor Pegs released their latest variation of the net peg, the Quik Anchor Peg V2. It’s a must buy, for several reasons.

Why buy the Quik Anchor Peg V2s?

  1. The peg fits both a standard net and a mini net.
  2. The peg can be used in game play or practice play (removable, magnetic post protectors)
  3. They’ve added a new steel base, designed to make the peg weld to the ice and hold even stronger. Note on this, we’ve been using Guardian Anchor Pegs for the past year with zero net movement issues.

Buy Quik Anchor Peg V2s on GoalieCoaches.com

How are the Quik Anchor Peg V2s different from the Guardian Anchor Pegs? 

The Guardian Anchor Pegs are one single unit. This is the biggest standalone difference. The Guardians can only be used in practice play as the post protectors are not removable.

Second, the V2s have a steel base and a steel inside, with a screw on adapter for standard net size (see video explaining below).