TheraGun G2 Pro Review

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“This is not a massager”.

One of the first things TheraGun mentions on their website. And it’s not. TheraGun is a company focused on transforming muscle activation and recovery. For athletes in a hyper competitive, performance driven world, gaining that extra edge can make all the difference.

The tool is designed to speed muscle recovery, the same concept behind foam rollers.

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What is the TheraGun G2 Pro Massager? 

Despite the company trying to distance themselves from the lower priced massage market, most people look at this product as a massage tool. As athletes continue to adopt the TheraGun G2 Pro, the concept of “Percussive Therapy” will continue to grow in popularity and practice.

The TheraGun G2 Pro is a neuro-musclular treatment device calibrated by a physcician with the correct frequency, amplitude, and torque designed to give athletes the most percussive vibration therapy to the nervous system. This, in turn, helps muscles activate and recover faster.

“This isn’t really massage—it’s actually tricking your nervous system,” says chiropractor and TheraGun founder Dr. Jason S. Wersland. The TheraGun is a handheld device that could actually replace foam rollers. Albeit, at a much higher price point.

Here’s the TheraGun G2 Pro in action.

The TheraGun G2 Pro massage tool proudly boasts a 2,000 rpm motor, moving a high density foam ball at a rate of 33-40 times per second. Compared to foam rolling, this muscle recovery tool penetrates much deeper into the muscle tissue, giving athletes a state of the art recovery mechanism.

TheraGun G2 Pro Review

Is the TheraGun G2 Pro worth the money?

Absolutely. If you can afford this tool, high end athlete or not, the benefits you’ll get from this deep tissue massage tool are second to none. The TheraGun is one of the best deep tissue massagers on the market and priced accordingly.

Buy the TheraGun G2 Pro on Amazon

What are the downsides of it?

One negative of this tool is hitting harder to reach areas of the body. Certain things, like foam rollers and lacrosse balls, offer a much easier hand at reaching places like the glutes and back.

Alas, the only real major downside of this product is it’s price. The higher cost is a barrier to entry for some and unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that TheraGun will try to have an entry level product on the horizon any time soon. That’s just fine, however, as there are many other alternatives that’ll accomplish almost the same thing.

Think, GMC fully loaded pickup versus a base model Chevy 1500.

TheraGun vs. Foam Rollers

The biggest difference between the TheraGun G2 Pro and foam rollers is actually two-fold. First, price point. Second, overall deep tissue penetration. To understand price point, it’s very simple.

Purchasing the TheraGun G2 Pro is going to run you several hundred dollars. Purchasing a top of the line foam roller, a fraction of that. Buying an entry level foam roller, even less than that. And for athletes who still want some of the benefits, without the price of even a cheap foam roller, a lacrosse ball can a deliver exactly that.

How To Use The TheraGun G2 Pro

TheraGun intentionally designed their tools to be a one operator system, for athletes looking to recover without the assistance of a trainer.

Using the G2 Pro is incredibly easy for most areas of the body, simply grab and push.

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As mentioned, not every area of the body is as easy to reach, and the help of an assistant may be required.

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TheraGun G2 Pro Cheaper Alternatives

Obviously, no matter the benefit, the price point alone is going to eliminate possible buyers. With plenty of professional athletes currently using either the G1 (TheraGun’s original model) or the G2, TheraGun isn’t focused on delivering a product at a cheap price point. Their approach is rather on delivering the best possible product, no matter the price. This is an approach we’ve witnessed from Bauer with the Bauer 2S OD1N line of pads.

What are a few other muscle recovery tools I can use?

One of the best things athletes can use is a foam roller for myofascial release. There are plenty of great, affordable foam rollers for under 50 bucks on Amazon.

In addition to a foam roller, try using a lacrosse ball to target those harder to reach areas (think, butt). A lacrosse ball offers a much more targeted approach to deep tissue myofascial release than a foam roller and they’re typically a third of the price.