Bauer ODIN 2S Gear Review + Release: Everything We Know

The latest Bauer ODIN 2S Gear is on the way: Live Blog

Along with Brian’s (OPTIK), CCM and their new Premier II series of pads, Bauer is set to release their line creation of goalie gear. This is a continuation of the original 1S ODIN gear that featured technology never before seen in goalie gear.

The Bauer ODIN 1S gear was released just two years ago, it has been followed by Bauer’s Vapor 1X line, and the 2S will be on the market soon.

We will continually update this blog as we know more (and more photos are released), however here’s what we have so far. We have had a chance to personally continue to test the line throughout this past season and it has far exceeded our expectations.

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Goalie Coaches On Ice Testing Bauer 2S Goalie Pads

For the past several months the Goalie Coaches team has been putting the Bauer 2S line through the paces on the ice with a number of different goalies. As you’ve probably noticed with our Bauer Development Series, video production is starting to ramp up for the summer.

In the video below, you’ll see a couple sets on the ice for training. Similar to the 1S, the most impressive part about the 1S/2S line from Bauer is the rebound control. Pucks hit the pads and explode out of the danger zone on impact. In addition to the pads, we’ve also been skating with the new Bauer NME VTX, Bauer 2S skates and the new Bauer 2S goalie stick.

Bauer 2S Goalie Pads Review

One of the first things you’ll notice when wearing this setup is how light it is. The gear is incredibly light (we do not have an official weight, yet) from top to bottom.

Second, as shown in the videos below, pucks fly off of these pads. For most goalies, rebound control is about getting sticks on as many pucks as possible, or “swallowing” up close rebounds. With Bauer’s line, the pads offer superior rebound control capabilities simply by how far pucks richochet off the gear.

Despite the gear appearing to be “stiff”, the 2S line is actually quite conforming. Take these on the ice 3-4 times and it’s game over. The gear simply performs.

Demonstrating the rebound control on the Bauer 2S pads. 

2S Specs 

We’ll update this article with a complete list of the new specs on the 2S line from Bauer once it’s released.

When will I be able to order Bauer 2S pads?

Actually, as of March 5th, you can order in store. Bauer announced in an Instagram post that due to overwhelming demand, “the 2S pro custom factory is now open!”. While the customizer on the Bauer site is not completely up, they promised delivery of the customizer by April. For now, head to your local Bauer retailer to place an order.

December 19th: World Junior Tournament Gear

It’s tournament time and the latest and greatest World Junior Goalie Gear is generating more buzz than the Kardashian’s moving about Beverly Hills.

First, we have Team Russia’s Mikhail Berdin. Standard Bauer 2S design in Team Russia colors. Berdin actually wear’s CCM Premier 2 gear with his USHL team, the Sioux Falls Stampede so this is interesting to see him switch back to Bauer for the tournament.

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Second, and perhaps the best looking set of the entire tournament (though, you can compare for yourself at our 2018 tournament gear tracker) we’ve got Colton Point of Team Canada.

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November 2nd, Bauer posts photo of Justin Fazio’s set

We may be a bit behind on the times with this, however Bauer did fire up the below photo of Justin Fazio’s set on Instagram.

One big item of note here is the multiple colors available on their pads. With each leg featuring alternating colors, it does point in the direction of having this customization option.

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August 17th, Frolunda HC Posts photos of Henrik Lundqvist training in his new Bauer 2S gear 

The first photo, below, shows off the knee cradle system that Henrik prefers. In addition, you can see the cool Henrik Lundqvist logo near the calf wrap portion of the pad. On Instagram, @goaliegearnerd pointed out that this “wide elastic at the knee strap and a thin nylon strap holds the knee block in place while scrambling.” If you don’t follow GGN, it’s a must do.

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And in the video they posted, Lundqvist can be seen training with Frolunda HC.

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August 4th, Kane Van Gate takes Freddie Anderson photo

This isn’t the first Frederik Anderson photo out there, but it’s one of the best (shows the full graphic). Photo is by Kane Van Gate, a must follow on both YouTube and Instagram.

On top of this photo, here’s one from Goalie Gear Nerd.

And lastly, a walk through of some of the inner workings on the new Bauer ODIN 2S pads, from the official Goalie Coaches Snapchat.. Love it!

One of the other things (and probably the most exciting) about the new Bauer ODIN 2S gear is the technology in which they print the graphic. Henrik Lundqvist posted a photo this week of his set, presumably for the upcoming season, with a custom graphic printed on the front.

Though I personally am not as big a fan of the graphic printed on these pads, it does get ones imagination going when thinking of the possibilities of this gear. Should something like this get down to the consumer level, and be halfway affordable.. we may see a mass exodus of kids from other brands heading to Bauer.