True AX9 Goalie Stick Review

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The True AX9 Goalie Stick is easily one of the most popular products on the market for 2021. This stick is crafted according to the True Hockey brand’s high standards and is made to be a tool that goalies can rely on when it comes to strength, durability, and balance.

The True A Series sticks include the AX7 and the AX9, which are both made to enhance a player’s quickness while still providing exceptional balance and strength when it comes to defending the goal.

The stick is considered to be moderately expensive compared to some of the other, more affordable models that are currently available.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the True AX9 Goalie Stick brings to the table and take a closer look at the individual characteristics that make this stick one of the most sought-after models for this upcoming hockey season.

True AX9 Goalie Stick Review

True Hockey has long ago established a name for itself in the hockey industry by producing quality hockey sticks and other products that players could afford without breaking the bank.

The True A Series sticks are considered to be some of the best elite models that the company has produced in recent years.

This stick offers players incredibly high-performance capabilities thanks to the cutting-edge technologies used by True engineers and design experts.

This stick has been made using new components that are crafted from SmartPly, as well as FiberShield, BRT+ and Axenic technologies.

These all combine to create a stick that provides better balance, greater strength, and quicker releases than ever before.

Let’s examine each of these new component technologies in greater depth to see just how each one will help improve a player’s ability to perform on the ice.

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SmartPly Technology

The latest technology employed by True Hockey is known as SmartPly, which utilizes highly-optimized carbon fiber layers that are arranged in a unidirectional pattern to create an exceptionally strong, yet limber stick shaft.

These added layers help to provide strong layers that rely on one another for strength and protection from heavy impacts.

While multiple layers of material might have meant adding a considerable amount of weight in the past, SmartPly technology is able to achieve the high level of strength and durability with a much lighter carbon fiber material. T

his carbon fiber construction is part of what makes the AX9 Goalie Stick so lightweight and easy for goalies to wield on the ice.

Players can move and position their stick with much less effort and in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take to do so with older sticks that are comprised of traditional components.

Axenic Technology

One of the most prominent characteristics that the True AX9 Goalie Stick has over other models is the extremely lightweight feel.

Not only is the AX9 light in terms of density, it is also crafted in a way that is very well-balanced. This is due to the fact that the shaft is made with Axenic Technology, which is compression-molded material that combines to form a one-piece stick.

The compression-molded Axenic Technology material means that each layer of the stick is made in such a way that energy can be quickly and easily transferred from the player’s hands to the puck itself.

This allows the goalie to have faster, reflexive capabilities in protecting the goal and relying on their own reflexes to guard against the opponent’s shots.

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BRT+ Technology

One of the most important differences in the AX9 Goalie Stick and other models is the lower kick point that it offers.

This is made possible thanks to True’s BRT+ Technology. The BRT+ composition makes the stick’s blade much stronger and able to hold up to more weight when needed.

Unlike other sticks, the AX9 Goalie Stick will not lose significant amounts of torque or cause the player to transfer energy into unnecessary directions as might happen with other designs.

This means players will be able to fire off quick shots without wasting energy.

FiberShield Resin Technology

The True Hockey brand has long been working to strengthen their sticks and create products that are more durable and allow players to have a greater amount of control over them on the ice.

The FiberShield Resin Technology is known to be more than 30 percent stronger than previous materials thanks to the brand’s use of lower-density particles to craft each level of fiber material.

These lower-density materials help disperse shock throughout the stick without the player losing energy transfer when it comes to flipping or slapping the puck in the intended direction.

The exterior of the True AX9 Goalie Stick is made of the FiberShield Resin material that will hold up to just about anything on the ice without showing significant scratches or indentations that other sticks might incur.

True AX9 Goalie Stick

Pretty standard goalie stick from True. Balanced feel with good vibration control. The NHL Jet's Connor Helleybuck uses this stick.

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Final Verdict

The True AX9 Goalie Stick is made with some of the best materials that are currently available in the hockey industry.

These components are all scientifically designed to give the goalie every possible advantage they can have to utilize lightning-quick reflexes and to block shots with extreme precision.

The stick’s low kick point allows goalies to have better speed and a shorter response time thanks to its overall curvature design and the lightweight material that the AX9 is made from.

When it comes to comparing the True AX9 Goalie Stick with other models that are currently on the market, it’s easy to see why so many players are opting for this choice over other brands’ products. The AX9 is exceptionally lightweight, but doesn’t feel any less strong in the hands of the player.

The stick also comes in several different sizes and color pattern options, which lets players select the right look and feel that’s perfect for their style of play.

The True AX9 Goalie Stick is a testament to how far the brand has come in the hockey industry and its devotion to crafting the best quality sticks for affordable prices.