Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates Review

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The Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates are designed specially for players who love the game, but might not be ready to invest a sizable amount of money into their equipment just yet.

That certainly doesn’t mean the Supreme 3S Goalie Skates are poor quality. These skates are an impressive combination of high-performance materials and supreme craftsmanship.

Bauer has a long-held reputation for producing some of the best hockey skates in the industry and the 3S are another model that puts a premium on mobility and quickness.

The Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates were released in 2020 after the company included some welcome new changes that fans of the brand have been very pleased with over the course of the last season.

Bauer is one of the only brands to pioneer the cowling-less design on their goalie skates and have built the Supreme 3S in a way that helps goalies get a better angle of attack when defending the goal.

In this article, we’ll discuss the new changes that Bauer made in the Supreme 3S and explore how these new additions and designs can help improve the user’s game to a significant degree in most cases.

Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates Review

Like many other skates that have been released by Bauer in the last year or so, the Supreme 3S are made with the company’s signature cowling-less design that is aimed at giving players better maneuverability and a more instinctive feel for the puck.

Thanks to this design, players are able to get a better push on the ice, as well as lower angles when needed.

The Bauer Supreme 3S offers a good amount of stiffness that helps goalies move with a higher degree of quickness as it is made out of a lightweight composite quarter package material.

The boot is capable of offering a better amount of flexion when compared to a more expensive carbon fiber material boot.

The Supreme 3S is also crafted with some other notable upgrades in the tongue, as well as better interior padding and liner for added comfort.

The tongue is made of a durable, 40 oz. breathable mesh material that helps to add comfort, as well as protection during play.

The blade is held in place by the VERTEXX EDGE holder which is designed to give players a much higher lift and better overall attack angle.

These are overall a very similar pair of skates compared to the Bauer Ultrasonics, just not as high-tech.

Boot Construction Material

It’s highly important for a goalie to have skates that offer ample stiffness while also being able to flex and bend when needed.

The Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates are made of a lightweight injected composite quarter package that’s capable of delivering a good amount of stiffness and flexion.

These skates are also made with Bauer’s new Asymmetrical toe cap that’s designed to help players properly disperse their weight and gain a much more effective angle of attack than they might be able to get with other, lesser quality skates.

The overall concept of the cowling-less design is to increase the quickness of the user, which Bauer’s Supreme 3S does beautifully.

Padding and Liner

It’s important to have a quality interior liner and ample amount of padding for goalies as they are expected to be on their feet the entire duration of the game as compared to other players who might get a few short breaks here and there.

Bauer is well-known for making goalie skates that compensate for this by having good amounts of padding and a comfortable liner and the Supreme 3S is no different in that respect.

These skates are made with a newly-designed Hydrophobic Microfiber that is capable of keeping your feet dry for hours on the ice, even throughout intense practice sessions.

The Supreme 3S model is also equipped with a lightweight memory foam material that fits around the ankle, making the overall boot fit much more snugly than other brands.

These are said to be among the most comfortable goalie skates available for less than $500.

The insoles are made of a material that helps increase the gripping ability of the foot despite playing at a rapid pace and making quick, definitive movements to guard against shots that might be tough to block.

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Blade Quality

Bauer has a reputation for making skates that utilize a high-quality, formidable blade which helps in giving the player more mobility on the ice.

The blade that comes standard on the Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates are the company’s LS 1G+ model, which is crafted with a tall profile to allow goalies to have a much better downward attack angle.

These blades are also able to be sharpened to lengthen their lifespan when compared to other types of skates that wear out more quickly.

The blades can also be swapped out very easily using the quick-release mechanism, which requires a player to only twist and remove a peg on the heel portion of the holder.


The exterior of the Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates are equally impressive as the company has used a breathable composite material that’s black with yellow and silver stripe accents.

The Bauer logo is prominently displayed at an angle along each side in a gloss black setting with the letters having a metallic sheen to them.

Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates

The Bauer Supreme 3s skates are built and designed for goalies looking to get into a high quality pair of skates - for a mid tier price.

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Final Verdict

For goalies who play at the recreational level and are looking for a quality pair of goalie skates to compliment their up-and-coming talent, the Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Skates are a perfect match.

These skates offer plenty to love in the form of quality and can be purchased for a relatively affordable price in most cases.

They are well-made from top to bottom with the same high level of craftsmanship that Bauer products have become known for throughout the years.

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